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  • jmlregoog jmlregoog Mar 18, 2006 7:56 AM Flag


    how much or to what extent will Judge Ware's Decision impact GOOG's bottom line?

    Regardless of what side of the trade anyone is on, most of us have benefitted from the democratic principles upheld by this Decision, however, in terms of valuing GOOG's PPS, how does this translate to the bottom line (if at all)?

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    • Wrong on all counts. AH was closed when the judge announced. You got snookered. I don't think you will be sleeping too well the rest of the weekend with 900 shorts. Why would anyone buy 900 in AH on a weekend, especially knowing the judge would soon announce? Did you inherit your money?

    • But wasn't the (quasi)favorable ruling released during the trading day yesterday and therefore embedded in the slight rise in GOOG's share price? Even if this isn't true, I have no doubt the news was released in time for the AH trading. Google barely moved after hours, which suggests that the court's decision is a big yawn. Full disclosure: I shorted 900 shares in AH at 339.75 and am sleeping like a baby!

    • To summarize, as long as the company doesn't give out any information, you believe the stock will run up.

      That's surprisingly close to what the shorts believe. You're only missing one puzzle piece: some information always leaks out. So it's onward and downward.

    • Goog will show a great earnings by passing on the 1B exp to June. It is a great opportunity to put on call options including 600 C for June. By end of april Goog will be in near 500 ( As long as Goog CFO does not utter some future Guidance- which the comp. says does not give). Buy 2008 Leaps-Calls on QCOM/BRCM.
      Good Luck to All Longs. We see an imminent failure in Markets due to Deficit, Iran etc.. Finally it is not going to happen. The market will in turn go up slowly and we will see a Bull Run. This is my belief.

    • another GED guy. I'm glad someone does research.

    • KinderStart. Hmm,,, sounds like a kiddy porn site. I'm glad GOOG blocked them. Shows GOOG is doing a great job getting these degenerate kiddy smut peddlers a low ranking. Just another great victory for GOOG. What a great company, what a great stock which should be heading back toward 400 soon. GOOG champions privacy rights. GOOG chanpions free speech. GOOG chanpions keeping from helping the Chinese gov't from arresting dissenters unlike Yahoo which reports them for long prison sentences. GOOG making all our lives better, freer more healthy and more wholesome. Truly a great American company that brings greatness to our great country. Larry and Sergei should win human beings of the century awards. When was the last time someone on a TV show said "I'm going to Yahoo that or I'm going to MSN search that? No they say I googled that giving billions of dollars of free advertising so GOOOG continues to have to spend zero unlike this has been with its failed butler who is spending tons on advertising wasting their time because peoople would rather use GOOG anyway. It is a great honor and pleasure to be alive just at the time when we can reap the great bounty that GOOG bestows on all of us.

    • **They better start dealing with it.**
      To date they have shown no inclination to worry about their image at all. Almost speaks of a very arrogant God complex.
      But hey,,, if you had billions in your pocket, would you care what people think?

    • Wrong,,, please present mainline media links backing your premise. The other players have been out of the news.

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