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  • gumpasaurus gumpasaurus Mar 23, 2006 10:13 PM Flag

    Hey DeadCAtLoserBoy

    Hope it wasn't your pal Thoughtreality who offed himself. You really encouraged him to short google didn't you? You two idiotsticks were telling me just this afternoon that shorting was "risk free"

    Fucking idiots.

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    • Your concern is so touching! I see that you are truly obsessed with me. Perhaps if you ever got laid or even had some friends you would have less stress, and less time to do nothing but be negative here. You're still obsessed with abbreviations and terms you don't understand, and seem to live to belittle others. Did your parents not love you enough? Were you beaten up by the other kids? Are you afraid to come out of the grumpy closet? Something is tormenting you. Perhaps you are just Stuart Smalley without medication; perhaps you are just sad about who you are and what you have made of your life. Attacking others won't help, grumpy. That's probably why you're so bitter. It's a vicious circle. Why not play nice?
      All you ever do is post insults and nastiness. You never try to help another poster, you never offer a link to anything but your own sad little discomfort in life.
      And the main thing that makes you now on my ignore list (o blissful button!) is that, by your own admission, YOU HAVE NO POSITION HERE. You belittle others for trading real money (and I'm doing much better than you imagine, and I'm sure many of the others you laugh at here are as well; you immediately attacked deadcat last night...why? What was the point? He was a gentleman; you were a pathetic and not very literate weasel, as usual).
      Why are you here? You have no positive comments or info, only contempt for those with the "stones" to actually put their money where their mouths are. You waste all this time posting on a board for a stock you DON'T EVEN OWN?! Nice life! Oh grumpy, how useless your life must be.
      Apparently unlike you, some of us have a life away from the computer. I was out enjoying my beautiful town with friends last night, and when I came home and saw the incredible magnificent earth-shattering s&p news I made the following post. Note the courteous tone. Note also that I was not holding overnight...I am a daytrader. Just as you are a notrader.
      Re: Hey DeadCatIsStillRightMan

      by: thoughtsbecomereality (47/M/Austin, TX)
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell 03/24/06 12:33 am
      Msg: it and realize you're wrong, again.
      Sad little grumpy, I post here to learn and to share. Some folks here are very intelligent and are also here to learn and share. Check out Kingrobert's post of the Five Traders earlier tonight; useful info to help us all. I realized yesterday what a waste of my time it was to engage negative folks here in pointless banter, unless they really have something to say.
      You do not. You are here to assuage your sadness over not having any love or friendliness or purpose, it seems. Your purpose is being a jerkoff. At that you are a genius; practise makes perfect, I guess.
      In any case, post away with all the insults you like. I won't read them, and those who do will only be struck by your bitterness and lack of understanding. If that makes you feel good...well, just another sad thing about old grumpy. I truly do pity you.
      Have a nice life!

    • thoughtsbecomereality thoughtsbecomereality Mar 24, 2006 12:33 AM Flag

      Yo bro, Sad to come home from an evening of merriment and see our favorite pooch has won Best of Show for up and coming dogs.
      The good news is that not one freakin' thing has changed about this pos since 4 PM today...except momentary public perception...which will result in a loftier fall when earnings slows to a crawl and farther in this or the next quarter...many things still hang like swords of Damocles over this one-trick pony...
      Click fraud.
      Kiddie Porn (how's that look for a new S&P add?).
      Insider Sales (still crankin' hard will they and the big boys sell into this pop tomorrow? Is that maybe why it was announced now?)
      Only one real revenue stream with lots of growing competition.
      Can't even issue fake guidance properly.
      Always releasing lame new non-monetized crap.
      No real plan for future.
      Click fraud again...settled suit admits guilt.
      Lots more but I'm too tired now.
      Thos of you who have done the DD know the drill...and if all this has been hashed over here all night, my apologies...just reminding myself why I'll start shorting again real soon...but I'll ride the updraft in the AM...if there is one...though we know the downward spiral will be harsh, sooner or later...those 340 strikes may still be fine soon...
      Congrats to the lucky longs. Check out the case against this mismanaged dog and bail at the last top.
      Glad I'm a daytrader and am flat at end of day. This is why. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then...but this squirrel will lose it soon enough.
      Life goes on. Good luck to all tomorrow.

    • deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs Mar 24, 2006 12:17 AM Flag

      Objectively, I somewhat agree with you. I do not understand what people have found so great about this company. Sure, I can read a balance sheet, I can see charts but I can also see the eps of the last 4 quarters and can also read the rising expenses that this company is facing.

      No I do not see what is great and wonderful about this company, and I never have. I guess that I'm dense in that sense, and I freely accept that as a fact. But if the average increase in earning is 5 cents don;t you think that its a long shot that they will make 40 cents more this quarter?

    • You obviously have a problem with google. You are blind to what it is, what it does, and where it's going. That's fine. But you probably shouldn't be trading a stock that you can't take a dispassionate view of.Google is not going to miss earning just because you say so. Google is not "fundamentally flawed" just because you say so. Frankly you are no authority on google at all.

    • deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs Mar 23, 2006 11:59 PM Flag

      Mike Tyson was a flash in the pan too. remember he got beat by Buster Douglas, a nobody who is only remembered for beating mike tyson once.

      I'm not saying that Mike Tyson was not a great fighter, heavy weight boxing has yet to see any more entertaining, obviously there were better practitioners of the sweet science at other points in time.

      Google, like Mike Tyson, is a flash in the pan. Its not greatness like Ali or Microsoft. Its just the right fighter at the right point in time. The time will come when a buster Douglas will knock it off its pedistal. Be wary of this fact and start hedging after you get a run up to 400.

    • Nice job of sifting thru the bs. I laughed at your post about thoughtsreality jumping off the deep end (of the 360 bridge, probably).

    • Hey they "missed" once. They have beat 3 times? I sincerely doubt that they are going miss back to back. Even if they do, it is not oign to result in half the loss that it did in the first case. Mike Tyson only got beat for the first time once. After that who cared?

    • deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs Mar 23, 2006 11:47 PM Flag

      I saw the spike on levelII and covered before I knew what the news was. I do not care where they get their shares. Your stock is going into the 400s, I got long as soon as I saw the spike. My ass is still hanging out with those options contracts, but I still think that I am right about the long term future of this comapany.

      I am a victim of my own arrogance, but just because I am on the wrong side of todays trade does not mean that I am wrong about this company's long term potential.

      I under-estimated the potential of the S&P, will you underestimate to power of missed earnings on a growth company?

    • Where is anyone going to get shares to start a new short tomorrow? Think about it.

    • " why no one was buying volume"

      i must have missed this part, could you hmm, repost?

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