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  • fearheregreednear fearheregreednear May 1, 2006 7:20 PM Flag

    GOOGLE CALL OPTIONS::::::::::::::::::::

    When you say 1200 contracts, do you really mean 1200 contracts??? Not contracts for 1200 shares, or 12 contracts? :)

    At an average of $8000(100 shares X $80)per contract X 1200 would equal 9.6 Million bucks.

    Plus, another 500 contracts of May options?

    You have got to be full of it!

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    • fearheregreednear::::::::::::::

      Your metrics, figurings, and assumptions are a quite bit askew, my friend. It is not that high, monetarily.

      But, yes...I mean 1200 contracts (TOTAL) held of GOOG call options of my calls owned PAST the May months. From June thru Jan 2008 inclusive. 600 of those accumulated well PRIOR to today.

      Plus my 500 contracts of my infamous May calls (strikes 440, 450, 460 collectively) and 100 contracts of puts (collectively spread out between the 380s, 390s, and 400s from the May thru Dec months inclusively).

      I have shared more than enough.

      That's it.


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      • What do you mean " your figurings, and assumptions are quite a bit askew". You're the one who said he had 1200 contracts! Look at the options prices. They range from about $70 to 90+ for the June08 390-450 Strikes. Each contract is for 100 shares. Multiply 100 times $80 you get $8000 per contract. Multiply that times 1200 you get 9.6 Million, plus the May calls and the puts

        Where is it askew??

        Yes, you have shared a lot, but why, if you aren't full of it, are you not confirming that you are really saying that you have many millions of dollars in GOOG options.

        The people on this board seem to believe in you, and are making investment decisions at least partially with your input, so it is only fair that you back up your claim. Your reply to me sounds like you have a small fraction of the almost $10 Million in options you are claiming.

        What is the truth ITM??

        We'd all love to know!

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