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  • gabetwatley gabetwatley Aug 23, 2006 2:03 PM Flag


  3 DAYS AGO?! Why the s*dden change of heart, permabulls?!

    Did you just realize that Bush's $10T national debt and Fiasco in Iraqnam has f*cked over the US economy for a generation?! What the F*CK took you pinheads so long.

    Let me give you a hint - a $10T national debt is BAD!!! Stupid F*CKS!!!!! Bwahaaahaaaahaaaha!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Lock thos profits in longs.....Me, I am short and have been since $410.00.. Will not cover til we are below $100.00

      ETLS, market cap of less than $200k, less than 50 million OS. If you have some profit it is time to speculate.

    • hey! but don't forget that Dubya sent us each a three hunnard dollar check when he first took office! THREE HUNNARD DOLLARS! When was the last time a president sent you a check like that!

      So what if he has raped and pillaged and squandered everything! By golly ima vote for the man who gave me back a few hunnard dollars of my hard earned money every time!

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