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  • google1000orbust google1000orbust Jan 5, 2008 8:32 AM Flag

    Obama is not a Black

    He`s parents are one black and one non black.He`s only perceived black by the news and him and his family.So if he wins he won`t be the First Black President . He`ll be the First Half Black President.

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    • Dude, you're absolutely wrong on all your points, you seem like an intelligent guy but you have to stop eating the b.s that's being fed to you, if you can give me a link about the sherrifs in the south I'll read it.
      As for the war it's a proven fact the dems did see the secret documents before they authorized the war, they won't admit it now, their base, the peaceniks wouldn't vote for them then and we all know it's all about power in D.C., as for wiretapping, who did he wiretap illegally? Terrorists? Screw em' thier agenda doesn't gel w/me have a long properous life, they have no rights in this country they want us dead, if someone god forbid was going to attack you at your home would you first consult a lawyer about legal and illegal before you shut them down, again I don't think there was anything illegal about what he did, he was protecting you and I, whether you like it or not.
      I like it.
      One more question, have you heard about Lackawanna N.Y. and what went on there, they were wiretapped, was that illegal to stop terrorists from doing more harm to this country?

    • You might wanna learn the facts before you post a disagreement. illegal war because the democrats who did vote for the war were given the wrong info by bush cronies. illegal tapping because bush never went though proper channels.Illegal stopping of voters blacks were told they already voted when they never even got to the election booths they were turned back by sheriffs and police in the following states florida georgia south carolina alabama and mississipi

    • illegal war? not true, the democrats supported it w/thier votes in the senate and the house
      2. ilegal wire tapping, never proven just more "talking points" from the dems to make Bush look bad, even though it wasn't true, it was out there and you can't unring a bell and the dems aren't stupid they know most people won't take 5 minutes out of thier busy lives to find out the truth. Whatever Brian Williams tells them must true, right?
      Minoritie's were never stopped from voting anywhere ever by Bush or his election commitee, if you have proof of this come forward w/it, it never happened, just more sore loser unfounded accusations by the dems because they lost the white house once again, childish behaviour by a party that is bad for this country.
      I really wish you wouldn't throw out unfounded accusations w/out solid proof.
      Can you imagine someone who was jealous of you, for whatever reason, saying that you robbed banks and that's how you got the new car when really all you did was have the brains to invest your money in GOOG?
      I think you're doing the same thing.

    • #1. Illegal war
      #2.illegal wiretapping
      #3.illegal stopping of minority votes
      That`s just the top 3

    • Actually, you don't know how wrong you are......I have a story about when I lived in Austin Tx. from 97-99 before I moved back to CA., a story I can actually prove unlike many on this board....he's a very personable, intelligent guy, he just can't communicate over T.V., radio or well in large crowds, he's no Reagan and thankfully, as well as Bill the felon could communicate, no Clinton, but truthfully I could care less what anyone on here thinks.
      Where are the 12 crimes I asked you to list?
      The anger you have for someone that in the whole scheme of things really doesn't affect your life is mysterious.

    • People don`t want Ronald Paul he`s too far out in serious land.People can`t handle a serious President.

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