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  • neoware03 neoware03 Feb 7, 2008 6:59 PM Flag

    android and digital tv

    yahoo will sign up with goog, with yahoo as the portal for my hp/ functionality using goog tools and os... that aol/timewarner thing. they get rid of the cable to become more of the content provider to all the other telco's/cables/bpl/wimax customer bases. comcast tries to do the same.

    these companies have to get your eye balls trained on their homeportal site so they can direct your viewing pleasure...look for subportal branded sites for special interests. social networking will be worked into this fabric as like minds meet for interaction/gaming/love/sex/fav show discussions.

    interest attached ads will then allow the generation of huge money. American idol, etc.

    also, looking for on line presidential voting to bring voter turn out to 100% levels. no longer is a storm going to negate participation.

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