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  • hedgethestars hedgethestars Mar 15, 2008 11:28 PM Flag

    Barack Obama look like a shoe in, but Larry Kudlow said:


    Kudlow & Company (CNBC) discussed the affect of the next President on the markets. At 7:45PM ET Kudlow said: "The Democrats are uniquely positioned to bring us back to a 1930s type depression, by their higher tax policies". We suggest that you read our piece on the candidates:

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    • We are not electing an overheated preacher, we gonna elect a level-headed intelligent man who happened to be black. If you think being black is anti-American, then...

    • "give billions of taxpayers' money to your partners in crime, big bankers by your left we are witnessing it now" - you must be crazy man, FED is trying to save this economy, cus looks like too many "people who probably shouldn't" afford houses wore able to, thanks to easy financing when things wore booming.

      So you think that electing an Anti-American president is a solution to all our problems..
      Don't be kidding yourself, man. If you really think this will do good to our country, just listen to that pastor preach and think again.

    • Is Bush a democrat who has sold the treasury and US banks?You people were idiots by electing Bush twice who made billions and billions by getting oil commission and selling Iraqi oil.Republicans have slod this country to China. Shame on you jerks.You are so coward that you are afraid of OSAMA.Shame on you!!Whatever is left will be sold in case McKAINE wins. You will be all beggars.Although you are beggars.Shame on you!!!How come you are not ashamed of calling yourself Republican!!!!

    • You may hold your right hand on your chest 1,000 times...and destroy America's reputation, and give billions of taxpayers' money to your partners in crime, big bankers by your left we are witnessing it now.

    • He is a liar. But what would you expect him to say at that point? What would you say in this situation?
      It's impossible to go to a church for over 20 years, and make great friend with a preacher, yet have no clue of what is going on..
      And whey do you think he has a problem with holding right hand on his chest during national anthem, of saying "God Bless America". It should be natural for a President.

    • Right-wing dudes always try to scare Average Joe and blackmail good political figures. For some time it worked, but not anymore. Their time has passed.
      "Had I heard those statements in the church, I would have told Reverend Wright that I profoundly disagree with them," Obama said, adding, "What I have been hearing and had been hearing in church was talk about Jesus and talk about faith and values and serving the poor."

    • higher taxes do not generate recession/depression. Used wisely, it actually can bring economic stability and, as a result, prosperity to all..

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