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  • xxchicagobadboyxx xxchicagobadboyxx Jun 18, 2008 11:48 PM Flag

    AH drop -- where it begin

    I believe you have me mistaken with someone else. I only post with this handle, and if you check all my posts, I've never made the statement you claim. If anything, since June 2, I've stated that movers and shakers would have a huge incentive to manipulate this stock downward, and cap it below $570, and now it looks like below $560.

    A lot of money is at stake here, $45 million is no laughing matter, and since it's on the table for grabs, it's pretty easy to see how those with a vested interest would be interested in taking it.

    As far as my own positions, I've stated from the beginning that the Google market would be similar to a craps table, where it would only be a matter of time before '7 out would occur' with all June option players, especially those on the 'pass line' ie those that bought all those June calls above 550, would be screwed by June 20th. It's pretty obvious from the max pain graph from last month, there's just $45 million just on the right side of $550, that's just begging for a harvest. I told everyone here that I would be on the 'don't pass' and 'don't come' and sold calls for strike 590, 600, and also puts for strike 550.

    In other words, if GOOG closes between 550 and 590, I stand to gain about $16,000. Sorry bout the '7 out', but I did warn that cattle should watch to see which way ranchers moving the herd, and act accordingly. A slaughter was foretold way back on June 2. By the way in Vegas, I usually win, but I always play the don't pass, hence I never play against the casino. And in the market, I don't play against the movers and shakers, unless I'm absolutely sure about something.

    Good Luck.

    PS..... there's no point in crying about it to the SEC, this has been going on for ages, probably longer than when you were born.

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