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  • wernerairhart wernerairhart Jul 17, 2008 8:46 PM Flag


    Read the article just out by analysts ...shortfall due to less interest rate income on the 15 billion in cash. not from business. upgrades in stock price tomorrow.

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    • This from the same analysts who set the expectations in the first place.

      Now that GOOG doesn't meet them, oh....its ok, it wasn't that bad...

      .11 cent miss in a bear market

      Ebay beats by .2 and gets hammered.

      IBM beats by .16 and rolls over.

      You really think GOOG is going to maintain 500's with those sort of numbers?????

      Good luck

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      • such a silly woman. no miss at all. read the report. google make less on interest rates on billions in the bank and to hedge revenues in europe. nothing to do with its core business. read the article on yahoo...{ investors freak out for nothing"

      • First,
        it is inappropriate to compare IBM with GOOG, for several reasons, not least of which is the competitive space IBM plays in (they beat on services, which does not has a lower impact on bottom-line margin compared to GOOG's license-driven growth). but even if you feel compelled to do so, IBM's 16 cent beat on a $1.98 consensus base = 5.6% beat vs GOOG's 11 cent miss on a $4.74 consensus base = 2.3% miss.

        again, the "comparison" is not apples-to-apples, but merely illustrates how 'sentiment' can play havoc with a high-growth stock like GOOG. whereas IBM is expected to beat on services, which is what they did the past few quarters as well, and does not move the needle on IBM's stock either way. i agree with the original poster who started this thread, that there will be hoopla tomorrow morning due to upgrades/downgrades as well as pinning due to option expiration. however, it seems the numbers could easily have been skewed by the interest income on their cash balance, as well as their new algorithms for improved quality of paid clicks than their previous approach of high-mass, lower-value paid clicks.

    • What amazes me every QT is how can this miss or beat if they dont give guidance.

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