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  • f649_80 f649_80 Sep 17, 2008 1:19 PM Flag

    Selling Exhaustion and ...

    other explanations. The first of the selling tseunami's has come ashore since Monday.The underlining problems now very much exposed will continue to severely impact the Markets at every level. I mean,who is going to play hero here.Inspite of all the Board blustering. Although alot less than just last week.The on air buffoons - Cramer - Kudlow and his nighly pollyana shills - Sfefan Abrams - Art Laffer - Vince Farrell(how he can show his face is remarkable)- all on exclaiming the All Clear signal "stocks are cheap" - "there is absolutely no inflation blah,blah,blah. What's that make it? The 10,453 th time they been banging THAT drum? Shameful.Because they truly don't believe it. THIS will end when the natural forces of the global Market places purge the massive excesses. Not before. And governments,especially our scary bunch ,can throw all the money they want at it. Ain't gonna stop the inevitable. Only - and maybe only - postpone the inevitable.This unwinding has a significant ways to go,selling exhaustion rallies aside. Every Market recovery is an opportunity to raise cash.The in denial and self delusion of the Google longs is particularly amazing. Time to let them go.What will happen to them,will happen to them.Overall? A really scary scenerio.Clearly going to be worse than anything this country has seen in the last 80 years.The leverage is massive beyond comprehension.

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