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  • jacobaksarben jacobaksarben Dec 31, 2008 4:08 PM Flag

    1/1/09 Begins The Socialist's High Tax Rate. Happy New Year


    By not selling in 2008, your Govt, on behalf of your newly elected president, wherever he was borne, the self-justified socialist who, like his new secretary of state, never had a real job other than sponging off the backs of others hard work wishes to thank you for having the courage and tenacity for paying deservedly much higher taxes for the risk you have undertaken in order to save ourselves from the ineptitude, greed, and scams carried on in the Federal Financial System and to our once-upon-a-time private Bank's whose CEO's no longer are forced to give up their multi-billion dollar resort spa's.

    May you try and have a Happy New Year. And above all: Think About The Power Of Positive Thinking No Matter How Bad We Made It For You.


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    • Your right brother. AND WHAT ABOUT THIS... If Obama is the first black president, then do we have to re=write history and remove jackie robinson as the first black in the big leagues and give the honor to bab ruth. The analisis is that both obam and ruth are half baked , therefore both are the respective first in their fields or both are not. This could go to the supreme court and should. At least ruth has a birth certificate. Where was Obam when his momma died????? When she was sick he went there rifling her drawers looking for that papyrus birth certificate. Look in vain choco were born in Nigeria. Sadly the bedwetter conservatives we have today will let this ride for the sake of national insuresstion or mow-mow upheaval.

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