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  • austinag3 austinag3 May 28, 2009 12:42 PM Flag

    Google Analytics Slows PCs Down To 56K Dial-Up Access

    Google needs to stay in the business of being a search engine company and get out of the advertising bot space. They cannot program a site and provide servers capable of handling ad traffic without slowing down computers substantially.

    Every PC now using Google Analytics runs extremely slow and browsing is very reactive, no proactive. Their bots running on timers makes it difficult to copy and paste text from web pages because the statistical software is employing screen capture and key-logging technology and selling your screen images and text to third-party companies.

    Google is selling out to big business ad-ware companies and will lose its competive edge soon when another search engine vendor comes along that doesn't slow user internet experiences down. And what is with the first 5 entries returned from a Google search? Why would I want to go to an ad site as my primary return results? Google is a crappy company.

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    • tradingfasterthanlightspeed tradingfasterthanlightspeed May 28, 2009 2:10 PM Flag

      I own google shares. But none of these search engines has a good return on search results.
      and the old aol was twenty times worse.when i first had the internet .i had aol it was in black and white internet didnt have color then.

    • Your argument ignores the history of technology investing...think about IBM around 1980...Microsoft around 1995. In each case, good arguments against the technology existed. But it was 10+ years before these arguments translated into financial results and subsequently stock price.

      It has been argued that technology is inherently a monopolistic industry with the bulk of the profits going to companies that establish "de facto" standards around their products. The dominant positions of these examples were not overcome by someone introducing a better "mainframe computer" or a better "PC Operating System". IBM continues to dominate the "mainframe computer" market and Microsoft the "PC operationg system" market. This suggests Google will dominate the "search engine" market indefinitely.

      This doesn't mean Google can continue to grow. Monopolies inevitably become complacent. They are notoriously poor at innovation and new product introduction. There are signs that this is happening at Google. Based on history, I suspect this will adversely impact Google's performance in 10 or so years but that is a long time to hold a short position.

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