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  • marvyworld marvyworld Nov 19, 2009 9:51 PM Flag

    DELL results to RAISE market tomorrow!!


    Ladies, do NOT allow the wrong way shortie scaremongers to booboo you into selling a single share of the GOOG beauty tomorrow.

    The DELL results are INCONSEQUENTIAL to GOOG or any other stock for that matter, since it's been many years since DELL was worth a fart of interest, and the market specialists will use the phony "bad news" to drive stocks down TEMPORARILY in the morning, SUCKER in more joe sixpack shortie bozos to buy even more soon to be WORTHLESS puts, then they will LAUNCH the stock market THROUGH THE ROOF by the time Noon rolls around. THAT IS A 100% SURE THING, LADIES, because that is what they do. Take it from a guy whose been watching them closely for years now!

    If you lack the BALLS to be in the stock market, then get out with all the old grandmas tomorrow AM, but time to FACE REALITY, LADIES: GOOG very rarely drops more than 1% in a single day, and it is NOT going to fall to any real degree while we are entering the Xmas Season BULL RALLY.

    Remember, ladies: the Boys MUST raise stocks this Xmas season so that joe sixpack will forget about the BILLIONS in TARP money they that joe sixpack will leave them alone while they pay themselves BILLIONS in undeserved Xmas that joe sixpack will shop hard and buy all kinds of junk he does not really need....and so that they can continue to rob joe sixpack of his $$$ by SCARING him into buying even more cheap puts in great stocks like GOOG when it makes NO sense to do so.

    Ladies, there is NO arguing about how the world REALLY works, and once you understand, you laugh and spit in the face of these phony shortie scaremongers. I find all their BS scare tactics, whether it's about DELL results or whatever, to be one big YAWN ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz Wake me up when it's over, ladies LOL LOL I mean, do you realize that, during this bull run, GOOG rarely falls more than ONE percent in a day LOL LOL Is that supposed to be the least bit "scary" to anybody?????? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

    OK that's your lesson for the day, ladies. NOW learn it fast and thank me tomorrow when the phony scare is over.

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