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  • casp321 casp321 Dec 19, 2009 10:51 PM Flag

    proprietary versus open-source environments

    ----Covington Associates, LLC served as financial advisor to On2 and its board of directors


    Welcome to ibankerblog. Covington Associates is a Boston-based middle market investment bank.

    June 30, 2009
    Feedback from InfoComm and NAB

    6. Let’s get clear about proprietary versus open-source environments.

    Traditional IT companies will play an increasingly disruptive, but not necessarily overriding role as IP-based solutions become pervasive in video markets. Will commodity-based, open-sourced solutions dominate? Well, it depends. While Apple has been lauded for its open application interface on the iPhone, it has been very careful about what it exposes. Professional broadcasters and audio/visual care deeply about perfection – a one-second glitch leads to a conniption. So while I do believe that closed proprietary solutions are bad business in the long term and that being “open” as far in the stack as possible is important (to play well with others in the network, for example), limiting one’s openness is smart and necessary in these industries.

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    • Nov 2009
      ON2 Proxy:

      From SEC in 2009
      ----VP8 support in an existing customer’s ubiquitous multimedia player in late 2009

    • ????

      HiVision has a $99 Android tablet with your name on it
      Mar. 5, 2010 (5:31 am) By: Christian Zibreg

      HiVision revealed that 802.11b/g networking comes built-in, while 3G, Bluetooth, and GPS features are provided via an optional USB dongle module. The screen runs at 800×480 pixels WVGA resolution. The device is powered by a Samsung 6410 800 MHz ARM-11 CPU with 256MB of DDR2 RAM and offers 2GB of storage space. While it falls short in the storage department, the SpeedPad makes up for it with a built-in camera and camcorder. Battery life is rated to six hours of “working time.”

    • That can be TRANSLATED to "open-sourcing" ON2's VP6 and VP7 and KEEPING VP8 as PROPRIETARY for sometimes, or until VP8+i hit the market.

      Open-sourcing VP7 is also good CANDIDATE with letting Google to have ACCESS to Chines Market and AHEAD of Competions. Chinese AVS is mostly made of ON2's VP6/VP7 video codecs. Chine will claim AVS "homemade" after Goole "open-sourcing" VP7 and NOT before because still there are some ISSUES with ON2's Video codecs and Chines that HAVE NOT been resolved yet. Chines OWNs ON2 $5+ Million and Have not paid Yet. May be the DEALS that ON2 was/is CURRENTLY with Chines making are part of that PAYMENT which Google and NOT ON2 shareholders seems will be collecting?????

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      • And for some strange reasons ON2 TrueMobile system that was tested in Millions of Chines mobile DISAPPEARED from ON2's official Products site:

        Puff! TrueMobile "suddenly" DISAPPERS from ON2's Website as does Hantro 8190, 9170, and 8170!!! What is going on? Who WILL COLLECT the revenue from thye products integrated/imlementing these ON2 products? Would be Google or ON2 WILL CONTINUE to generate and Collect the money???

        TrueMobile player is an over-the-air download; who is IMPLEMENTING it?

        Why DID TrueMobile "suddenly" DISAPPERED? What is the "NEW" name for TrueMobile that is being used for OTA "which upgrades most popular browser-enabled phones to VP[x], INCLUDING VP8? What is the NEW NAME for TrueMobile player?

        Flix® Engine 3GPP and TrueMobile™ offer to deliver the broadest range of content to the widest range of handsets and networks.
        March 19th, 2007

        The TrueMobile player is an over-the-air download, which upgrades most popular browser-enabled phones to VP7 video phones.

        said Bill Joll, president and CEO of On2. "....TrueMobile is the universal system that can make mobile video universal, affordable and easily deployable.”

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