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    they might keep this dog and pony show up for a few more years (provided they don't eat all the dogs immediately) but after a bit they'll go down like thai hookers.

    proof? they LOVE michael jackson. even when this guy was a complete nobody in the USA, they still went crazy for him. and when he died they were falling all overthemselves to buy flowers, MJ CDs, and anything else in his honor.

    how can a country with that mentality exist in 2010? remember- when the Backstreet Boys want to sell out a show- they don't go to LA or London- they go to Peking.

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    • well said!

    • Oh, come on. Do tell me you know Chinese history. Japan invaded China including Najing. But Chinese had at least half country still fight Jap under the Chinese govorment. This is China, kids, we have huge land to fight, no body have every own our country in our history. You guy have only 200 year, you don't know what is history.

    • Yes. Chinese are grateful for help from the "flying tiger". We fought together against Japan. People don't forget about that. However, U.S. quickly became Japan's ally afterwards, and were against China just because of stupid ideology. Remember, China never wanted to be enemy of U.S., but U.S. pushed China away. That is very sad. China can be a great friend, if U.S. treat her as friend. And it can be an enemy if U.S. choose to treat her as enemy.

    • Yes, we Chinese have more than 4000 year history. We had many bad time, like Jap invasion in 1937, but we always survive and become stronger later. Yes I do have my pride on Chinese because we survive so many times and so many years compared to other contries. During Korea war, China is so weaker, but we defeat world #1. You may say, so what, your cost is high. What I can tell is that without winning that war, we all may have to speak american English, which will never happen because this is Chinese who will sacrify every thing to keep the 4000 year history to continue. Ever since we survived from Korea war, you see what happens in China today. Yes, we still have a lot of problems, but is still much better off now compared with what was in 1950. You guys only have 200 years history, you never understand why our Chinese is the only one can survive so many year as a huge contry.

    • hahaha Japan owns no one?? wow!! you are so fully of yourself> since you mentioned history books, open up your history book and see who got owned by Japan!! what happened in Nankin?? who got owned??? you know you guys just like running your mouths regardless of what really happened. yes you got owned. the Russians and the U.S. both helped you to get your country back since you couldnt do it on yourselves. get the fact straight.

    • Yes, at a greater casualty. But with what kind of technology disparity? and war machinry? You have to remember after WWII, no one, not even the Russians dare to challenge the superiority of USA, but Mao did.

      Yes, Chinese people are grateful for the helps from US airmen during the war and that is why they were remembered by momorials and many stories on TV..and it get mentioned all the time.. Let's not forget many Chinese lost their lives protecting the american airmen durign the war, simple they were friends.

      China can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

      As for smartness, I do not think Chinese are any smarter or dumber than any other race...... it is all about education.. Unfortunately, Americans are so brain-washed today by a tightly controlled media, it is even worse than the old soviet or China before 1979.

    • Jap own no was a blip, and over time, it would have faded away.. THe Nazis overran the Russians initially at the war as well, finally,they just got grinded down..Same would happen to the Japanese.

      Shame? No, who lost the Viet war to whom? get your history straight, and don't hide your racist dirty mind behind the fancy words. You are just jealous over other people's fast progression. you felt insecure and that's all.

      Remember, US was looked down upon before the two WW. But finally those old Europe had to bite their proud head down to the US.

    • you dont know what i go to China for so you can shut up on some topics you have no idea of. as far as Vietnam war, true, it was a big mistake made by the our government. see we admit our mistakes and move on, you just running your mouth with blind patriotism. i dont hear you talk about how the Jap. own you? why? a shame?

    • Without VN war the whole country
      still starve to death, that what I talked about 30 years ago. 60 years ago without the US your face would not show up here , So shut up and go home if your is so sweet, Bye go go go

    • Millions Chinese were killed by US but we won the war. Ever since then smart Chinese people grow year by year and can be head to head to challenge US now. Even like you have to travel to China very offen to get a piece of cake. Oh, by the way, I have not heard anything from you about Viet war, that is another shame, isnt it?

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