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  • ush0231s ush0231s Jan 14, 2010 4:52 PM Flag

    chicoms are out to enslave the world starting

    with Europe and America.

    They can be stopped:

    (1) Forbid currency manipulation by chicoms with the force of law
    (2) Chicom currency reserves built up due to manipulation must be confiscated.
    (3) Chicoms must be made to pay fines for economic warfare and damage caused to nations, factories and jobs due to currency manipulation.

    chicoms cannot build currency reserves without currency manipulation. that is the proof.

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    • Chinese build up Dollars, Euros, Yen, Swiss Francs when they buy those currencies through the Chinese Central bank. This is done to keep the Yuan down and destroy industries in countries that the chinese do not like.

      Buying up these currencies builds up trillions of dollars in reserves and is blatant manipulation. It is illegal.

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      • Such brainless copycat thoughts, no wonder this country is going downhill...

        It was the Russians are coming in the 1906s, then it was the Japnesese are buying all our stuff, now it is the Chinese...

        Those guys in Washington and WallStreet use these scare tactics exact to achieve their goals; stealing money and your soul......Just watch what they have done to us last year... They screwed up and we tax payers pay them for their sh't!!! What happen to those bonus they took home when time was good? We want some of those money back!!!

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