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  • cksam Jan 21, 2010 5:53 PM Flag

    Obama bashers are idiots!

    How soon do we forget that Bush/Cheney completely ruined this great country of ours by their arrogance and stubbornness. But then again there are supporters of Bush still because, they too, are arrogant and delusional. Need I remind everyone that USA almost reached the economic level of great depression had it not been Obama's prudent actions? Thank God that we didn't have a 3rd term presidency, otherwise the moronic Bush supporters would've kept him in the office for another 4 more years. Here's why Obama is great and Bush isn't. All Obama is doing is the complete opposite of what Bush/Cheney did during their tenure. If the opposite effect was to have caused one outcome then the counter has to be the opposite effect, right? Give Obama some credit for having this country not visiting the great depression era. Show some respect for OBAMA you racists delusional idiots. Face it, a Black man is doing much better than your WASP Bush/Cheney. I know...I must be eating you up that a Black man is doing a better job than your White Bush. I'm Asian so I speaking from a completely unbias point of view. I'm merely speaking the truth. Thanks for reading.

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    • Asian ,black man, white man--can you for once be a ------Hu man??---get a life and learn some facts Mr Asian---if that piece was your opinion-- i respect it---if you say your piece is a fact---pleeeeeeease do some research--your "facts" are incorrect. RIP

    • no problem.... you pay my bills .... and you can keep Obama...

      until you can do that ... you are flapping your lips just like Obama...

      PROMISE's without action = lies that
      >> speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive.

    • Buddy I don't mean to be rude but maybe you need to go grow up some more if you think all our problems were Bush's fault anf that Obama has done anything at all to fix anything. That's exactly what wrong with this country now is idiots like you not reading the full sentence but only the first coouple of words. If you really want to know the two @ssholes responsible, I will enlighten you! Well maybe I should have said three @ssholes. First one is Bill Clinton. He is the liberal cry babby that forced banks to loan money to trash that would not pay jesus christ back, must less a rich fat bank as the trash sees it. Second is the american uneducated brainless society that can't seperate b@lls#it from fact and actually votes a stupid welfare muslim into the office of president. He has more skeltons in his closet than a bone yard. But ole, he's the great one, yeh right!!!!! As soon as the people in this country who actually control the money saw that he was actually a going to win, the entire financial market came to it's knees. And lastly Obama don't care one about this country and what it stands for. He rules from what is described as an Activist. To educate your young dumb @ss, that is the same doctrine that started the NAZI movement. In the end millions of people were left dead. Lastly the very first law that the NAZI party passed was actually a stupid law that told how to cook a lobster. No s#it. Look were it lead to. He is great danger to our way of life and very soon even you will see.

    • Obama is a sh1t-for-brains moron and so are you. The great depressions is still coming dumbas5.

    • Your right, I guess am biased. I always thought that all Asians were intelligent and you've proved me wrong. Thank you for straightening me out.

    • Obama bashers are NOT idiots! But Obama is.

    • Obama is only 1/2 Black.

    • amen, but he did screw up healthcare
      he said to 535 5 year olds "what do yall want for dinner?
      i want candy, iwant popcorn, im not eating with jeffy, i wanna corndog, i want mcdonalds. That is the senate health plan.

      instead he should have fixed a balanced meal and made everybody eat properly. That would require leadership, not charm

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      • healthcare is only going to get steadily worse. Even if Obama does reform it will take 4 yrs before it comes into play and by then he is out of office. But something really needs to be done about it. I remember him saying we shouldnt have to go after the healthcare co's. Well why not they increased premiums 10% each yr for 10 yrs meanwhile wages went up 1% a yr for 10 yrs. Im sure theres alot more involved but its a start.

    • What exactly has Obama done to make the U.S. a better place? HE is the one that keeps saying we "almost" dipped into another Great Depression. Yeah, well yesterday my shrewd and swift measures prevented an asteroid from hitting the Earth. Bush didn't create the housing bubble. Barney Frank is more to blame than any one individual. And why do you worthless Liberals keep dwelling on race. Obamas policies and beliefs are garbage. I don't care what color he is.

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      • Amen. All BO has done is grease the palms of his favorites and find ways to spend tons more money. And I didn't vote for Bush. I'm from Alabama and I'd vote for a black person in a heartbeat if he were going to stop bailing out bankers and spending the country into oblivion. This isn't about color-its about survival.

      • cksam Jan 21, 2010 6:16 PM Flag

        First of all, I'm not a liberal. I'm a moderate. You guys kept saying Obama hasn't done anything but he's done something at least because we are not in a great depression. Bush on the other did a WHOLE lot! Yes he did! that's why we were in a great recession! I rather have someone doing nothing, as you claim, and not be in the dumps then having someone doig a whole lot and get us into a unnecessary war and depression. Also, you kept saying Bush didn't caused this or that but it doesn't matter! because it all happened on his watch!!!!!

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