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  • casp321 casp321 Mar 24, 2010 4:36 PM Flag

    Google deals in doubt amid spat with Beijing

    Google deals in doubt amid spat with Beijing

    By ALEXA OLESEN, Associated Press Writer Alexa Olesen, Associated Press Writer – 2 hrs 53 mins ago

    Signs quickly appeared that some ties forged over Google's nearly four years operating in China were unraveling., a popular portal with 32 million registered users, said it was taking full control over social networking and question-and-answer services operated jointly with Google. A company spokesman declined to say if the government exerted pressure but said in a statement that the takeover was being done to "guarantee each product, normal business and good operations."

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    • However, he said Google holds the lead
      in every other market and he would be a buyer here.

    • translation, commies forced their hand. It is the commie spin machine in full damage control.

      • 4 Replies to jefsnow
      • ya and go ahead and buy freaking Bidu , so those commies get rich ..
        the problem with some you is that once you see the color of money you forget everything . I thought American investors stop buying bidu and support google , but man was I wron ? they imbrace Bidu and made ita freaking 630 per share stock ..

        good job wall street .
        let 's say if this was IRan , kicked Google out .. wow then we would announce a war with those people . and Hannity and Rush Fatso would talk about it nonestop .
        Fox news would announce a special report every 30 seconds ...
        where are those people now to talk about this .. nowhere to be found

      • Mr. Snow, stop being an immature child by calling other people a commie. Don't you remember it was created by one of your tribal men, Carl Marx?

        Also, what you doing here are just confirming some of the stereotypical views about your ethnic group...

        Grow up!

      • I would NOT be surprised to see why MF worked from Home and NOT ON2 office:

        Why ON2 made too many deals BUT no money from Chinese even after tasking Chinese to the International court without getting any penny, after
        chinese STEALING ON2 VPx codec SW???

        "The People's Daily newspaper on Wednesday was more shrill, accusing Google in a front-page commentary of cooperating with U.S. intelligence forces and suggesting its decision to move its search engine to Hong Kong was a salvo by U.S. Internet warriors."

      • Google is NOT out of China, just "portion" of itd Search??? Google is IN China. Just playing a game using belives and RELIGION and "abuse", which is in many countries "friend" NOT with Chinese but with ... Just a Game and BS they are giveng to shareholders.

        Why did those from Stanford dumped their Google Option in March???

        China Unicom also working with Apple:

        "In Hong Kong, executives with China Unicom Ltd., the listed unit of one of China's biggest mobile phone companies, hinted that it would shelve plans to offer two cell phones running Google's Android program."

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