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  • cksam Apr 10, 2010 5:41 PM Flag

    Google is a one ARROGANT company!

    Arrogance is the main reason Goog walked away from China, like a little cry baby biatch stomping her feet because she couldn't get her way. Now I'm very certain that all the Goog executives are kicking themselves thinking that China was going to blink but instead Goog has left many shareholders holding on to their tumbling stocks. From many people who interviewed with Goog, they all said that they, Goog, think they are all that, as though working for Goog company is like you are joining some big shot arrogant fraternity. Go to to hell you arrogant pricks Goog executives. You're nothing but piece of crap. I wouldn't work for you guys now knowing how arrogant you guys are. Your stock price should stay flat for a long time to come just like MSFT, IBM, and all other grandfather stocks. You ruined your reputation as a strong growth company with your arrogant blunders. One last piece of advice and statement, DON'T MESS WITH A WAKING GIANT, CHINA! You may have USA, population of 250k plus, but as for China, let's see, 2 Billiion plus? Do the math ding dongs.

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