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  • osu_lin osu_lin Apr 30, 2010 8:03 PM Flag

    Stop that TA junks, will you?

    Come on, can your TAs predict this financial fiasco?

    Can your TA predict Congress is making an example on GS?

    Can you TA predict Greece Crises and oil spill?

    So stop that support and resistance stupidity..

    Elliot waves, my ass.

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    • don't worry... u can just ignore those TAs...

      just that there are way too many other people using TAs

      breaking support is breaking support

    • No, I won't. I post about TA for those who understand its purpose and how to use it, not to debate about it with people who don't get it. I've gotten blue in the face trying to explain it to people like you, and what I've found is that the "TA is voodoo" folks have certain notions stuck in their head about it that completely miss the point, and it's impossible to get them to understand because they don't *want* to understand.

      Your post demonstrates very clearly that you have some very typical misconceptions about the function of TA and you don't understand how it's used in trading. I do understand, and I use it to make money. That's what matters - your opinion doesn't.

      BTW, you're probably not going to understand this, but your entire argument boils down to "TA is useless because it can't do things it doesn't purport to do and isn't intended to do". That's kind of like saying that a spatula is a useless cooking utensil because you can't use it to baste a turkey.

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