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  • spixleatedlifeform spixleatedlifeform Sep 18, 2010 5:16 PM Flag

    Any former ONT posters hanging


    Long time since.

    Just so you know, that suit is still only tentatively class action, the proposed settlement is just that--proposed, it was limited in scope only by the plaintiff's law firm, anyone who ever owned shares from at least '05/'06 onward should file if for no other reason they will be included in the releases as being forever barred from holding the defendants liable for things not known now, nor for things revealed in any state, federal or foreign court, civil or criminal, nor will the be able to hold them accountable should any regulatory or securities actions against them occur--FOREVER. So get that pen and paper out and do yourselves a favor and make your opposition to the proposed settlement known. Time is running out to act.


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    • This is just a wild thought of mine : Could it be that this " Michael Janaris" the plaintiff in the coming legal thing is actually a Google decoy ? Why would this tentative classaction want to eliminate 'us' others ?...and just keep it for himself ?

      I have seen some wild things in my time so I can't dismiss this thought carelessly.

      Casp and others...please respond !

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      • Class action by definition means the inclusion of others, not the elimination. Therefore the likelyhood exists that the suit would be dismissed as applied for.

        We should state that we object to the current setup of the law suit and insist of being included as a proper classaction.
        The lawyers involved would see their extended loot as well.

        This really could be a planted decoy lawsuit trick to shut us up once and for all.

        Legal comments please !!!!

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