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  • bg_rox2001 bg_rox2001 Mar 11, 2011 8:24 AM Flag

    Tell me I am nuts...

    You are not nuts but for that to happen there will have to be a MAJOR market correction.

    Look at it this way, if GOOG went back to 500, that would mean:

    2010 factual P/E of ~18
    2011 projected P/E of 14
    2012 projected P/E of 12

    all the while GOOG has ~$100/share in cash - with ZERO debt - growing 20% annually - it would represent a SIGNIFICANT bargain compared to about any other stock on the market.

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    • I totally agree...except I don't know what you would consider a "major correection". A 10% drop in the overall market, (not what I would consider "major") would probably be enough to drop it that far. If we see anything near a 20 to 25% corection.........??? Face it, the Naz has dropped a lousy 5% from its recent peak. Another 10 % is definately not out of the question. IMO anyway

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