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  • techstrategy techstrategy Jun 24, 2011 4:34 PM Flag

    A joke...

    Now I am officially doubling my position on Monday. This is a joke. The anti-trust actions are f'in ridiculous. Anyone can reset their homepage or use bing. You can search travelocity or MSFT's crappy sites.

    Bottom line, when someone goes digging, they will find that MSFT, FB, and NFLX are behind the massive campaign to attack Google from all sides. FB was already outed on the PR front. Some decent investigative reporter should look into the actions, hearings and support to see what is really driving this.

    In the meanwhile, I am happy to add to my position on this firesale. Google is so wildly undervalued that it is hard to wrap my head around it. What are we shooting for folks 5*TTM ex cash?

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    • Nice pic of Page there, ziggy. I'd smile too if I sold 150 Million worth of Goog stock since March too. Who wouldn't?

    • Be prepared for a drop to $435 since that is a major support area on this weekly chart. The rate of GOOG's decline makes it unlikely that there will be a meaningful rally until the stock finds a bottom and then bases for several months.

    • Balkanization, or Balkanisation, is a geopolitical term originally used to describe the process of fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or non-cooperative with each other..

      You need to look no further than a stock chart of Google or this unbelievably depressing Chart of the Day from the SAI Business Insider. Facebook’s Unbelievable Effect On The Rest Of The Web.

      Or for that matter the meteoric rise in price of LinkedIn’s IPO. When I first started an Internet company in 1994, the web held the promise of making the world accessible to everyone from their living room. Now it is turning it into silos of data and experience fenced off by proprietary applications with their cumbersome API’s. Facebook is designed more like a shopping mall with labyrinthine pathways constructed to confuse and capture rather than show you the way to your intended destination. Read on at

    • It's similar to the browser war a decade ago. The idea's to punish the winners and to reward the losers, and then ask where the new jobs are.

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      • Classic.

        The new industrial policy is to let the old poor performing companies use lobbying and regulation to inhibit superior ones that deliver consumer value.

        Look at what MSFT spends on lobbying. Fair Search is a joke. It's all the companies that deliver less value to users and consumers and want to protect themselves from competition...

    • I totally agree , this is by far my biggest holding , I want to buy more but I have plenty already , I am very confident this will be over 625 by the October earnings report , just be patient you will be rewarded , Android advertising and search is booming , their google wallet and coupons and travel will be in full force by than . The pain hurts now , but we will look back and be happy that we held . July will be a great month , 7/15 is earnings also , the end of July we will be at 545. Good Luck

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      • @ Pissy joe , I'm the fool u knucklehead , look at the chart last year it was approx 435 at the beginning of July 2010 , and 615 at the end of October , it was fractured last year , and even tho they are in the cross hairs of the government their advertising revenue is better than last year , with the goog wallet , and coupons and chrome and Androids are selling off the shelves , I understand it seems like a long shot now , but the Fracture can be healed , Google is a great company but at the present time a terrible stock , and remember its like a 47 doll. stock going to 62.5 , does not sound that far fetched when it sounds like that . Sorry I won't wager with you Joe , I have enough of a wager that Goog will dig themselves out of this mess. Good Luck to the LONGS.

    • totally agree - there is just not enough risk left here. I think you keep buying and holding some weekly calls (I have next Friday expiration 485 calls) and roll them over, as GOOG will be well over 500 in short order.
      GOOG represents what BP was at 28, during the big oil spill.

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      • Excellent point you make about GOOG now being where BP was during the hysteria with the Oil Spill when it was $28. Actually I bought a bunch of BP at I think it was $27 (I can send anyone a scan of the purchase confirms if you write me at I also sold BP Puts at $20 or $25 which I soon pocketed the money on. Am thinking of buying Calls on GOOG soon or selling Puts. Already own GOOG stock, am not going to sell any of it now to the Govt. Connected Insider Traders, the Senators and FTC lawyers who leaked threats of Subpoenas to their Hedge Fund Buddies. Given the incredible added value of GOOG's huge position in SmartPhones from Advertising and Apps. perpsective, worldwide, this stock now at $470s/sh. is much better value than when it was at $400/sh. low in past two years.

    • Complying with these things can be a costly proposition. Millions of pages of documents etc, etc etc. And these drag out too. This could take a year or more. I agree many saw this coming and the stock has really suffered as a result but is it fully baked in the cake now? Good question and idk?

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      • Complying with these things will cost 10's of millions of dollars, mainly in house counsel but some external. It is rounding error (literally) in GOOG's quarterly profit.

        Even the fines MSFT got for what was TRULY anticompetitive behavior (locking IE to the OS to kill Netscape) was insignificant.

        For perspective, GOOG has now lost $60 BILLION in market cap despite record earnings and 20% revenue growth. The Oracle suit (which is unlikely to prevail on its terms, especially since a key patent has already been massively weakened through reexamination) SEEKS 1.4 to 6 billion in damages. Anti-trust judgements (which is VERY unlikely given the consumer choice) never amount to more than a billion or two.

        GOOG has lost 30X the likely impact of these POSSSIBLE adverse events.

        As I said, it's a joke. But, I will be doubling the position next week.

    • It's totally ridiculous. I just hope I will be able to be still in when it finally goes back up... it has been tough...

    • Great insight texhman....1 in 10 of these things goes absolutely no where, and the stock should see a big rebound by the 30th.

      Not to be some freeko conspiracy theorist, but the big Hedge and Mutual Funds must have gotten word of this weeks ago - hence the absolute irrational drop for the past three weeks (not to mention after the 3 cent earnings miss).

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