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  • jrzbiz jrzbiz Jul 15, 2011 8:03 AM Flag

    Keep buying into those analysts wild price targets

    because they are dumping what they have on you every minute. Did you think otherwise? You think they are holding this in the midst of a default and economic slowdown? They will say $1000 to get you suckers to buy their bags...2008 repeat before the collapse.

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    • I agree with you....

    • If and when they are "dumping" every minute you will know. When the mutual funds and hedge funds head for the door you will know it. Trust me there will be no doubt in your mind. This is not dumping - its buying. A stock trades up 13% because the street was wrong. There is some real buying here and there are shorts covering BUT there is not the wild dumping you are mouthing off about.

      Would I buy here ? NO. If I owned this I would be selling here into strength and then getting in lower. It will pull back at some point - maybe its at 9:45 maybe its in 2 days.

      JUst my opinion but i think you are an idiot

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