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  • kopach kopach Aug 17, 2011 5:27 PM Flag

    400 for goog en downside

    oh yes it will free with Markets. Bernank e games with rates are going to crash everything. You cant have treausies this low period. It is screwing up whole fixed rate returns in safe investments. This will take down the whole system wait and see. HE is still playing his same game trying to force investors into stock market chasing hopefully better returns maybe, Lastr time like Grerenspan this also collapsed everything later because it creates massive bubbles like now.Federal Reserve never lwarns with their idiot rate games. I say enough is enough now.If no one bought their stupid treauries rates would rise big time. That is the answer. Also no stock buying because the only ones who get rewarded are top ceos etc. The get huge salaries and too many other bobuses yearly and long term. Probaly at least 100 times employees salary yearly. How many jobs would that create with them cutting their pay.Same old story little investor always gets screwed period.

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