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  • itmustbethebeer itmustbethebeer Sep 19, 2011 2:10 PM Flag

    How To Fix The Economy - Duh

    1. Tax the hell out of Wall Street and the wealthy
    2. Close the Bush loopholes and others
    3. Give incentives to businesses only if the hire people (after they hire them)
    4. Hire more people, who wil then have more money to spend and be less of a burden on society
    5. Stop replacing people with machines! Tech is bad, and years from now historians will say this was one of the worst things to ever happen (Google, Apple, and a government that allowed it to happen)

    Stop arguing about it and Just do it.

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    • 6. Give Union thugs everything they ask for.
      7. Regulate the hell out of business.
      8. More entitlements. The more money the government gives away, the more people have to spend.
      9. Take away cash from hoarders like GOOG and other tech companies. Levy an immediate 80% redistribution tax on all tech companyu bank accounts.

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