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  • namfong43 namfong43 Sep 9, 2012 1:08 AM Flag

    RENN is the next to runup like BIDU AAPL and GOOG have done, read why facts!

    Imagine how undervalued DANG the chinese amazon or 1 of 2 or 3

    It ipo'd went to 35 and is now 5, it has done everything right, will go to 20 in 3 or 4 trading days very soon.

    Even better RENN, the chinese facebook and about 5 other companies, a groupon site, serious videogame and mobile games site and so much more. It ipo's went to 28 and now is under 4, that stock will go to 20 in 4 days, followed by 30 the week after.

    It will run even more powerful then BIDU and has just recently added the richest man in the entire country of CHINA to the RENN board of directors. Chen said after that (the ceo of RENN) he will not be happy till RENN has at least a 100 billion dollar maret cap. You figure out what that would make the share price, but the CBOE has not priced the 2014 RENN calls, they just recently did the april 2013 calls. This is highly suspicious because many that are in RENN are in DANG also. Dang has had 2014 calls available for a long time as has sold many of them. Do not take your eye off either of these stocks for even one day, and when the serious pump and loading starts, get in and keep adding heavy as much as you can afford because these will really take off. RENN should start anytime and be 16-18 by Oct expiration, the calls tell the story!

    Dang, that will partially depend on if amzn rises or tanks in Oct

    Renn has 11-29 year olds locked up as they stay glued to renren site and 34% even login by cell phone. 5 Billion more internet users come online in just this age group alone in China and China has been getting slower and slower economy for 3 years, can you imagine if that economy starts to heat up again soon? Renn will be non stop to 100, it has bagholders stuck in it right now till 28 a share. Load and get ready as the richest man in China will run as soon as Chen renn buyback is over or close to it, it looks like it wants to start running up no matter if the rich man and Chen want more time, in that case they will join in and buy like crazy...

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