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  • obamadungdufus obamadungdufus Sep 13, 2012 6:45 PM Flag

    Uncle Ben Bernanke doing all he can to assist Obama

    Today dem loyal Uncle Ben Bernanke (acclaiming non partisanship) avowed dems will again feed their FED RESERVE CREATURE BANK MORE DEBT to the tune of $40 billion per month until after the election. Now don't you just love that timing. Bernanke acclaims this should create many jobs. What a lack of concern for the true state of our nation by adding more debt to the already monstrous $16 TRILLION (one third under Obama.) Hopefully businesses won't fall for the ploy and not hire. It's all smoking mirrors with that outragious debt burden hanging over our heads. One thing is certain when there is fire you don't throw gasoline upon it.

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    • Ummm...that would be "smoke and mirrors"....... Also, Ben didn"t say "untill after the election", he said until employment picture improves, also, Ben is a Republican held over from the Bush yrs.

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      • Ben is a deranged Keynesian who wants to keep his million $$$ salary job and see his picture all over TV 24/7 and that's not going to happen if Romney gets elected especially after he said he wants him fired, right?

        Beside how many jobs has 4 years of QE and 4 trillion further in debt gotten us? Care to guess. I'll tell you how many, nada, zilch, zip, zero...not even one flipping burgers! S#it Bernanke has spent over 1.6 million on every adult in this country so far and hasn't even created ONE F'n Walmart greeter job. Now that's F'd up to say the least.

        Yes people NObama and his Keynesian lackey likes poor people so much they keep creating more of them. So, I say let's send him back to the WH so he can complete the job of converting this once proud and prosperous country into another sewage trap like all those other rich, democratic and above all peaceful #ell holes countries of the Middle East. What do you say?

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