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  • funnimone67 funnimone67 Sep 14, 2012 7:43 AM Flag

    Uncle Ben Bernanke doing all he can to assist Obama

    Correct. But let’s not also forget he was reappointed by Barack 'Hussein' Obama II... Besides, given what we now know, I highly doubt it that W would have ever reappointed him even during one of his more lucid moments.

    BTW, in case you’re wondering the 1st version (of NObama) escaped his ex-KGB and now Al-Qaida sponsored terrorist indoctrinated scientists shortly after being created by them in one of their underground labs somewhere in present day southern Turkmenistan and hasn’t been seen or heard from since, which probably helps explain some of the confusion surrounding “the teleprompter…” and now “APOLOGIZERS in chiefs” true nationality.

    And as far as that publicity hogging Keynesian lunatic goes, the only thing that can be said is that Helicopter Ben won’t be satisfied until the USD tanks to zero, loses its world reserve currency status thus causing rates to explode much higher and thereby creating a debt crisis here which will make those in present day Europe and especially in Greece look tame in comparison. So get your wheel barrels ready because we’re going to do one better than the 1930s Weimar Republic in German.

    After all, who wouldn’t want to pay $20 per gallon of gas if it would guarantee the creation of ‘one’ job (in) the this country—even one flipping burgers, because so far Bennie has borrowed & wasted $4 trillion ($1.6 million worth on every adult in this country) and has utterly failed to do so! S#it we would be better off if the #$%$ just hand it over to those millions of Americans instead. But then again what do you expect from an ex-vampire squid alumnus? Creating debt slaves and destroying nations from within has always been their agenda.

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