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  • novalis_97 novalis_97 Jan 7, 2013 2:28 AM Flag

    All Samsung 16 GB Galaxy S3's "suddenly dying" after only 6-8 months of use?

    There's a 244-page long thread at XDA developers site complaining about the problem, which is turning out to be a PR disaster for Samsung. All 16 GB Samsung Galaxy S3's seem to be affected. The motherboard itself or one of the chips on the motherboard is the culprit. The chip is eMMC chip VTU00M, which is also in the Galaxy Note II, which was released just 3 months ago, so they should also start dying about 3-5 months from now. By the way, dying after 6-8 months is not that bad for a Samsung product. My Samsung TV, washing machine, and digital camera all lasted an incredible 14-16 months before they died, right after the 1-year warranty expired. There's a very good YouTube video about how to fix this with a soldering iron and $2 capacitor from RadioShack, which I did. Samsung sucks! I swore I'd never buy another Samsung product again, and it turns out I was right since the Galaxy S3 poops out after only 6-8 months. Thank God I bought an iPhone 5 over the Galaxy S3. And if it's not the S3's motherboard that fails, then Jelly Bean 4.1.2 will kill your S3 by causing your battery life to get cut in half. Apple rules, quality rules forever over the cheap Samsung crapola!

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