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  • cybercash28 cybercash28 Feb 26, 2013 12:57 AM Flag

    Ot: Our first lady

    I could not believe to see M? Obama presented the Oscar last night. She as also on TV shows lately. She belongs to Hollywood.

    There are so many poor people in our country. Can she save money from her ultra expensive clothes and help the poor. I am actually embarrassed to have her as our first lady.
    Spend time to teach children, to promote good cause like princess Diana used to be. She can dress up but that should not be her number one priority. . OK, she wants to be on TV to show off her muscles ( lol!. is it your first priority). Spend time to talk about education, motivate children to learn. Thousand things she can promote. Whenever I see her on front pages everywhere, I see her as a want to be model/ actress.

    Lady, who are you?? Mrs. Obama, are you really our first lady?

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    • Thats a sad Presidents appearing on late night TV shows. Cheapens the office. Thank you Bill Clinton for that. He started that trend. Also shows they are really focused on the IMPORTANT issues that need attention. Not Good for our country

    • Unfortunately she she exemplifies the hollywood bubble of high school mentality and is too busy spending tax payer money on her trips to remember who she is.....though the left tries to debunct the reason why they both had to voluntarily revoke their law license, the public knows the truth - why would 2 aspiring lawyers/activist/poliiticians "voluntarily" turn in their law license as this would be such a tremendous accolade on their list of credentials to becoming a high ranking politicians....there's an old saying...."a lie must be fed, and the truth can not be starved"

    • Typos everywhere. Sorry. My iPad is not too friendly when I want to go back to review my messages.

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