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  • rogerdonna_1988 rogerdonna_1988 Mar 1, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    $800.00 Plus Is A New 52-Week Low Here! Mark My Words Sellers:


    I'm a short seller too so don't get your underwear in a bunch! I see today's price of over $800.00 in a year from now as being a new 52 week low. I was very serious when I posted in here that the GOOGLE market cap can go to $750B and the PE 75 and the share price to $2400.00 in several years. And do not kid yourselves about the market being at new highs as ending soon. We are in the beginning stages of a 7 year BULL market. I was not born yesterday people! I'll give you the argument about the above right here in a nutshell: Look at interest rates across the board. NEVER in our lifetimes have any of us ever seen this down-leveraging. I guess down-leveraging is a term I have coined myself. Anyone who understands what all time low interest rates means will also be able to understand what I'm referring to here. Happy Investing to all!
    Peace out!

    & YES, I bought a ton of calls here to put my money where my mouth is.
    (oh, keep on selling AAPL to $399.00 and then LOOK-OUT) Bang!!! She goes crazy high... $950.00. Carter and you Options Action guys are the very best. Sorry I've hade to clean out your bank accounts but hey, this is free market capitalism at its very best). Hey Melissa Lee =-) Yes, I do like ya Melissa. You're kinda cute in a goofy kind of way but this is a good thing. Heya Jimmy. Boooo-Yaaaah!

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