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  • fritter70 fritter70 Mar 15, 2013 5:11 PM Flag

    Next week

    They killed the most put volume by keeping it under 815, this will inch back up next week

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    • what do you expect the price to be?? I actually expect it to come down in price. THE upgrades came they sold off on it. THE entire week the stock dropped and insiders are bailing. IF it does go up than the only reason i can think of is the boys will push it up to squeeze shorts from this week if they did not cover. TO get to 850 level. WHEN insiders sell someone has to take the shares. RETails dont have that kind of money to buy the big sales. SO if the institution are buying than they have to get their money back by raising the price and in return take shorts money.

      I can be wrong. Tough call though on this one. ITS gone up so much so shorts can think it will come down but can actually go higher.

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      • I should reword what I said, I meant keeping the price below 815 was advantageous to the huge put volume under 815. I think after the big down week, that this will inch up next week. Maybe to 820. This is a momentum/trading stock, so it will have it's ups and downs. I do know GOOG has a high institutional maybe the price was pushed down for them to buy more shares....there was a huge blip at days' end, did you see that?

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