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  • europe_and_usa europe_and_usa Apr 10, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    Facebook "HOME" + Mozilla/Samsung Web browser.

    Advertisers will start shifting toward Facebook "HOME" and Mozilla/Samsung new web browser, this year will be very tough for Google on the ads revenue side.

    Technology keep changing, and it seems more and more companies are pulling the carpet on Google, as Google did to Yahoo and AOL in the past, here is one analyst view (Horace Dediu):

    "Facebook is inserting itself between users and Google, diverting them to the social network's own ads and services. It's taking advantage of the fact that Google places few restrictions on how phone manufacturers and software developers modify Android. By contrast, Facebook Home would not work on the iPhone without approval from Apple Inc., and close collaboration with the company. Facebook Home can only reside on Android because only Google was daft enough to allow it."

    "Pivotal argues that Google is "spending hundreds of millions (and eventually billions?) of dollars on Google Fiber," having just announced it is building out a network in Austin, Texas. While Pivotal hedges that the investment "may be justified because of the future-proofing aspects of the initiative," the analyst points out that even if you like the strategy, it's clearly "margin-eroding," and will hurt Google's ability to earn profits for its shareholders -- laying fiber being a lot more cost-intensive than selling clicks."

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