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  • beststockstoownnow beststockstoownnow May 23, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    Its simple: this and other stocks are over priced and ready to pull back big time.

    Greed and hype. Apple at $700. It was going to a thousand, right? Indexes at all time highs, in weak traditional period (sell in May) and risk/reward TERRIBLE at these levels. So what do the sheeples do? They stare and OVER think the OBVIOUS. The markets could go up a bit, true, but they are far more likely to drop big. That IS the RISK NOW. Do people ever learn? They held their real estate, under SAME conditions. Weak economic data and inflated prices. What do you do? You take your profits and stand aside, NOT trying to chase the very top. Will most folks? Of course not, they will wait and sell if/when it drops big, and probably at the lows. Stupid is, what stupid and greed gets. Losses. IMO Google and all will fall if market crumbles. That is reality. On the other hand, how much more up is there, given any scenario???????

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