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  • dr_2_cans dr_2_cans Nov 1, 2013 10:36 AM Flag

    Financial Advisor : "you should buy GOOGLE here at this level"

    client: ok, I don't understand this stuff, but I will be rich when I get older...right?
    advisor: yes. very wealthy
    client: but if I buy at $1000, why will it go higher? who will buy it at $1500? or $2000
    advisor: good question, I will convince your son that he shouldn't save his money himself, I will convince him to buy at $1500. Then his son at $2000. That is how it works.
    client: ok, but it seems like the only guarantee here is that you will get rich off the transactions
    advisor: my phone is ringing. it is another client. thanks for your check

    1 hour later
    advisor: *calling wife* "hey honey, I sold this #$%$ to another sucker, go ahead and book that nice vacation home for another week"

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