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  • sydneylocks sydneylocks Nov 12, 2013 12:51 AM Flag

    Time almost up for Goog to make bid on Nokia to lock out Msft

    it's now or never, if Goog doesn't move to block msft, it'll be seeing a two front attack on android post-deal. Msft will fund and compete on the lumia line, and Nokia will be killing the android mftrs with patent litigation. It's going to be hugely expensive for Goog, which bought out the wrong company imo. The patent portfolio from Motorola has been completely useless, Nokia's on the other hand has already defeated Apple and HTC in IP court. Shh approval slated for 19th this month, after that it'll be too late.

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    • nokia's recent IP litigation victory against HTC is the warning shot all Android makers and Google itself should be paying careful attention to. Despite Apple's enormous warchest, Nokia defeated in IP court in 2011, Despite HTC's fierce defense, Nokia defeated it in 2013. Now Samsung has revealed that it's pushing Nokia to grant it a deal similar to Apple's licensing deal. Can you guess who's next on the hitlist?

      Motorola's obsolete and fully licensed patents aren't going to protect Google come lately from paying the price of its intellectual property thefts.

    • even if Google has no interest in Nokia's assets, it still make sense to make the deal as expensive as possible for msft via a spoiler bid. You guys studied EE and programing at the Farm but you're babes in the woods when it comes to playing hardball with the likes of gates and balmer

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