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  • newbie_bear newbie_bear Nov 20, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

    bought 100 of the 1020 weekly puts

    dam is this easy $

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    • wow... I feel for you ... you just lost $10K... the time to own those was monday morning.. they were down to $.80... top for the day was $4.... but they are toast now... stock may go down to 1025 if you are lucky.... I don't trade Google as much as I used to.. the market makers for this stock are really really good... whatever way you think the stock is going... you'll be wrong.... you can straddle and try to catch it when it commits to a direction but that's just a lot of work... the stock has nice swings that you can make money on but these guys will crush your dreams too often too quickly... those 1020 puts are wasted money....

    • The way it looks, neither you nor I are going to see our options bear any fruit by tomorrow. I am on the long side and you are on the short side and as of this point too far out. But, good luck if by any miracle it would bounce big time one way or the other.

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