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  • sangmani_2000 sangmani_2000 Mar 31, 2014 2:44 PM Flag

    What happens to my options after the stock split

    can someone please explain how it works? Sorry I havent been through this during stock split for any company.

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    • the way my financial adviser put it is that I will receive one share for every share I had purchased prior to the split. the only difference is my voting shares are only the purchased ones, the new shares from the split, will have no voting power but will still be worth what the others are worth. I hope he explained it correctly. unless you are holding millions and hoped that you would have a say in how the company runs, then I wouldn't be too concerns.
      the split will cut my retirement date in half....Nice.

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    • Just spoke to the broker and they say on the options, the contracts already out will represent 100shares of each class post split. so if you hold a contract now at 100 shares, after the split you will still have one contract but it represents 200 shares, 100 A and 100 C. Royal PAIN in the posterior. After 5 days they will probably open optiion contracts on each class separately.

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    • In a typical split situation let's say you have 1100 strike calls, like 10. If this acts like a 2-1 split they would get converted to 20 at a 550 strike. The other way it can go is they will modify the contract so it represents more than the usual 100 shares.

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