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  • brainunit brainunit Dec 7, 2001 9:15 AM Flag

    NEWS: SCMM fingerprint readers

    SCMM news has just been released.
    IMHO it will not sufficiently affect the SCMM share price in either way.

    Fingerprint readers to be developed for improved network authentication

    Dec 07, 2001 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX) -- SCM Microsystems and AuthenTec, a leader in advanced biometric semiconductor technology, are teaming up to develop readers incorporating fingerprint recognition.

    Digital solutions specialist, SCM, will incorporate AuthenTec`s EntrePad fingerprint sensors in developing a cost-effective PCMCIA reader that offers secure authentication and control of corporate data. Users will be able to privately exchange data on public networks and conduct online transactions, e-commerce or network security based on public key infrastructure (PKI).

    AuthenTec`s patented subsurface TruePrint technology allows fingerprints to be read below the surface of the skin. This eliminates any recognition failures relating to contamination such as dirt, grime, dry skin or excessive moisture; issues that are problematic with surface imaging fingerprint sensors.

    "We are committed to providing solutions that are innovative but simple for the end-user, and biometrics is key to this," said Mladen Filipan, executive vice-president of PC security at SCM Microsystems. "By partnering with AuthenTec, we are able to integrate leading fingerprint sensor technology with our own expertise in silicon interface technology, reader design and manufacturing. Ultimately, we will create highly secure solutions that are cost-effective and easy to integrate into the overall network."

    "AuthenTec is focused on delivering standard-setting secure solutions that are convenient, reliable and easy to use," said Steve Mansfield, vice-president of marketing at AuthenTec, Inc. "By combining SCM`s quality readers with AuthenTec`s TruePrint-based sensors, users benefit from a single reader that controls critical access points by providing sophisticated authentication.

    Together, SCM and AuthenTec are bringing viable biometric solutions to the forefront of business security."

    SCM`s Biometric PCMCIA Reader will be available in the first quarter of 2002.

    For further information on SCM Microsystems` digital solutions, please visit:

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    • apple , google, microsoft, facebook, samsung .............looking for Reader Extends Secure ID Card ???

      Trillion $ market...??

    • I smell a rat...

      This today's PR was NOT released to any major newswire open to public, but it was released to a minor newswire - that is received by professional investors/traders.

      Actually (as far as I've discovered now), this PR is just a remake of an old PR that was issued on the 12th of November:

      Monday November 12, 8:03 am
      Press Release
      SOURCE: SCM Microsystems, Inc.
      SCM Microsystems and AuthenTec Stamp a New Print on Reader Technology
      - Companies Combine Leading Biometric and Security Features for Network Authentication

      Don't know what games are they playing, but they are playing with fire IMHO.

    • Thanks Brainunit... Where did you get the news so quickly? It's not yet posted on yahoo. That explains the 15% rise in price the last 10 minutes of trading... The insiders leaked it out as usual, screwing the common investors.

      • 1 Reply to radfa84588
      • >>> "Where did you get the news so quickly?"

        Subscribe to one of real-time newswire services and you will get the news at the proper time :-)
        Yahoo could delay a news release for hours...

        This specific PR was released by "M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX"
        It hasn't hit the mainstream newswires yet.

        >>> "That explains the 15% rise in price the last 10 minutes of trading... The insiders leaked it out"

        Agreed. As usual, buy on rumors - sell on news.

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