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  • alphainvestor5m alphainvestor5m Apr 18, 2011 10:37 AM Flag

    Prospects for a Google Takeover

    This company has just too cheap a market cap for Google not to be seriously considering just buying it outright via a friendly takeover.

    This article makes sense to me and a lot of other investors including friends in Austin.


    Google is extending its mobile payment trials with "smart" store window stickers in four new cities that let users check-in with an NFC-enabled phone, hinting at the company's wider plans for the technology.
    The latest cities to sport "Recommended on Google" stickers are Las Vegas, Madison, Charlotte and Austin. People with NFC-enabled phones -- basically limited to Google's own Nexus S for now -- can wave their handset at the sticker to bring up information and special offers relating to the location in Google's Places app.
    The process promises to be easier than "checking-in" using GPS, which can involve the hassle of picking the right store from a long list.
    The modest trial is likely part of Google's much more ambitious plan to create an NFC-powered mobile payments system -- the company is already reportedly working with MasterCard and Citigroup towards that goal.
    But Google is an information company, and its real interest in mobile payments probably isn't the actual buying and selling, but the data about consumer behavior that the activity will generate.
    Google will be in a position to broker that data to advertising interests and merchants who want a better idea of who their customers are. Google already enjoys deep insight into what people do online, but a mobile payments system would extend that into the real world.
    For that reason, as well as the lucrative potential for skimming a little off of each transaction, pretty much every company that's interested in making money has a plan to cash in on mobile payments.
    Apple's looking at it, three national carriers are working together to get their own solution going, Visa is working with several banks on its own system, and the list goes on.

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    • apple , google, microsoft, facebook, samsung .............looking for Reader Extends Secure ID Card ???

      Trillion $ market...??

    • Prospects are very good indeed.

      Google the acquisitions of Google itself over the years and you will be overwhelmed.

      Hundreds and hundreds.

      And the smartsticker concept is very hot. There is a reason that Google chose Identive. Google is serious about this company.

      Very serious.

      • 1 Reply to b_fred97
      • Any company involved in Retail sales will have an interest in "Smart Stickers" and any company involved in servicing the retail industry will have an interest in this techology themselves. Its the old buy versus build concept. So why would not Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Master Card, Visa, and American Express be interested in Identive. The possibilities of so many companies wanting this technology and taking out Identive while its market value is miniscule are strong.

        Now on top of that, consider EHealth and all the countries that need such a device of Identive's SCM subsidiary. You are talking about millions of unit sales.

        The stock market today is putting a lid on INVE but this stock will be under accumulation for quite awhile and will be moving further north for many reasons.

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