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  • andyolsen1 andyolsen1 Sep 30, 2011 4:04 PM Flag

    another big block buy exactly at 4pm, 96k shares

    What the heck/who the heck is that? How does it work? Its like they want to buy big blocks without allowing for a run up in price? A little bit shady and manipulative by a market maker accumulating for someone?
    But, nonetheless a positive sign for near term future of INVE I would think.
    Hilo, whatcha got for us??!

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    • Those big block buys amount to AH's "prints" of activity occurring earlier in the day. In other words the MM's had a "big" order to fill at some price 'X' and spend a fair amount of the day collecting the shares (below said price) to turn over to the buyer. This sort of action visibility is easy to see in thinly held/traded equities (harder to see this when an equity trades in the 10's of millions of shares)....the MM's have to work the action lower than the order so that they can flip the shares to said buyer and take their profit. Nothing wrong with this as this is what MM's do in making sure a market exists (and is "stable") for any equity they cover.

      And they do so on the sell side too. Just invert the logic and they do that as well. Despite what some threadsters would have you think MM's have zero nefarious intent. Errr....for the most part. They care less the merits of any one company/equity. They're there to manage the trading activity. Period. They make their money on the spread and all the rest. Easy enough to do since they're sitting in the "catbird seat."

      But even with the advantage you can see they sometimes have to work it for their money. Today is an example of that...

      Regardless, I do like what I'm seeing in INVE's smells like some buy sided set-ups being engaged....I'd like to hope we can see some benefit in all of this by.....oh...say December of this year?

      American Net'Zen...

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