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  • chriscummings22 chriscummings22 May 19, 2014 10:37 PM Flag

    Reverse Split

    The reverse split is impending doom. The stock price keeps dragging as investors fear delisting. I hope they do not complete the reverse split as our shares will be killed. If the R/S comes into play - then Jason and managment have failed. When he announced the OPUS financing that should have taken care of the delisting for at least 10 days, but market just does not like INVE. I wish they give some real news and stop playing around. We are so F*** if a R/S comes into play. Jason needs to tender his resignation.

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    • Listen to the recent cc. They are clearly doing the RS. Somewhere between 1 for 3 to 1 for 10 since those are the parameters that are up for vote.. My guess is 1 for 5 since that leaves them with about the right number of shares for a company this size.

      I voted all my shares FOR the RS. I like it and am happy they are doing it. I've been through about 3 of these with other companies and in each case it worked out extremely well. OTIX was the latest for me, a large buyout followed theirs.

      The BIG advantage to a RS for a company like INVE is that their bottom line improvements and upcoming profitability will now be obvious on a per share basis and not be hidden by fractional pennies.

      Cheers all.

    • Everybody has to stop whining about the reverse split. They are going to do it because they have to to stay listed, and it is no big deal. Actually, I feel pretty confident that this is going to be a positive for them.

      Companies stock prices don't drop because they do a reverse split. They do a reverse split because their stock price dropped. This company has been completely transformed in the past 6 months and their only problem is that they ran out of time to get the price above $1. They ran out of time because 1) they only recently have cleaned up the mess that was left by previous management, and 2) we are in the middle of a small cap correction in the market.

      I actually think it has been difficult for investors to get on board with the story without more tangible evidence of increased sales because of all of the legacy issues associated with the company. Most of those have been cleaned-up, but it may take the reverse split and new, higher, stock price to help people focus on the future.

      Imagine if this company had just gone public with the same financials and prospects in its growing industries. What do you think its valuation would be then?

    • Chris
      In the short run, have to agree with you. But in the long term, if it gives them the time they need to turn the business around it could be just what the doctor ordered, My self, plan to wait till it bottoms out and then buy some more.


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