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  • sascha79 sascha79 Feb 27, 1998 2:59 PM Flag

    SCMM recommended by Mr Prior

    Ten minutes ago Mr Prior recommended SCMM with a price target of
    $ 85 in the next six month. He spoke about the company to acquire
    a south east asian company.

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    • Who is this Prior? How can he have such powerful influence on SCMM?

      Is he an investor, or an analyst?

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      • The "Bundesaufsichtsamt fuer Wertpapierhandel" (BaWe)is investigating the recent stock movements at the Frankfurt Neuer
        Markt (New Market). They are investigating if Prior bought some stocks of the companies he recommended later, because BaWe might consider it insider trading, which is prohibited in Germany. So, the question is, did Prior buy stock of SCMM before he recommended it. If he did and BaWe is going to find out he will be in big trouble!

        I looked at the Volume of shares traded in Frankfurt in the last 90 days. Volume was thin in SCMM before Prior's first recommendation, but now there is heavy volume in SCMM in Frankfurt! Some days there are more stocks traded in Frankfurt than in NASDAQ trading, with only one tenth of stock placed in Frankfurt! Are there insiders buying stock in Frankfurt?

        I do not appreciate what Prior is doing, recommending this stock to all this unexperienced German investors. I think SCMM is overvalued, but I do not have a price target. There better should be some good news from the company in the next few weeks, or the stock will drop.

        Prior is publishing a stock letter - I would not call him an investor. He thinks himself to be a very smart analyst.

      • SCMM�s last price 57.5$. I love this stock.
        Happy weekend!

    • Sascha79,

      Did anyone tape Mr.Prior's appearances on Fridays TV? I would like to get video copies of his appearances on German TV hyping SCMM.

      Also, Would like to get:

      1. Mr. Prior's full name & phone number in Germany.

      2. TV station's name, channel, phone number. Mr. Prior's director name, and phone number. I would like to purchase his transcripts.

      3. All of Mr. Prior's TV appearances when he talked about SCMM.

      If you or anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

      Thanks so much.

    • I already wrote an email to the Neuer Markt requesting an investigation of Insider Trading, Manipulation, and Illegal activities by Mr. Prior and SCMM execs.

      Will again call them & fax them a letter tomorrow.

      Also, Called Nasdaq Regulators ... , and will also call SEC Regulators. Whenever something like this happening overseas, the best contact is SEC, and Neuer Markt regulators. NASDAQ has limited power on foreign trades.

      FYI, you may write emails directly to Neuer Markt officials, and complain about Mr. Prior activities. The following is the lead:


      Do you have questions concerning "Neuer Markt"?

      Please do not hesitate to contact us:

      G�nter Femers
      Rainer Riess
      Marc Altenhofen

      Phone: +49-69-21 01-34 70
      Fax: +49-69-21 01-34 71

      Deutsche B�rse AG
      Domestic Products Marketing
      B�rsenplatz 7-11
      60313 Frankfurt am Main

      Or contact us by e-mail:

    • This email I wrote to NASDAQ.Also I will call SEC and NASDAQ

      I was requisted to cover my short position(#shares) on monday
      because these shares are no loner available.This is very strage stock
      and activity around it. There is no good news except bad news.Not very
      spectacular earnings and company will offer new 3 mln shares. Two-
      third of shares will be offered by stockholders(read insiders).On friday
      shares jumped almost $10 without any news(last trade $57
      1/2).Rumors that shareholder(s) fund called back a significant % of
      shares that had been shorted and as the shorts started covering(last 15
      min.of trade on friday) we had a major squeeze(I will be squeezed on
      monday at the requist of my brokerage co). Also on friday Mr. Prior
      who is editor of German Stock letter called'Prior Borse' recomended
      SCMM on TV with a price target of $85 in the next 6 mo.. He also told
      that SCMM will acquire a southeast asia Co(insider information?).
      Some sources informed that mr.Prior himself under investigation by
      the'Budesaufsichtsamt fuer Wertpapierhandel' for insider trading.
      Thank you very much for your cooperation. Sincerely

    • sacha79,

      "He spoke about the company to acquire
      a south east asian company."

      This is a very good case of Insider Trading about SCMM acquiring a company. SCMM has not formally released the news to the public ... yet Mr.Prior already knew !@#@!

      How about persuing SCMM in Los Gatos, CA & request them whether the above statement is true. If it is, Mr. Prior should be prosecuted for Insider Trading. If it is not, Mr. Prior is then misleading the German public & he should go on TV, and tries to correct his statement.

      Sacha79, did you tape Mr.Prior's TV transcript last Friday?

      SEC/NASDAQ/Neuer Markt Regulators must have big interest in prosecuting Illegal Activities by Prior.

    • Dear DrGM77,

      Excellent move. Thanks DrGM77.

      It is everyone's responsibility to stamp out unfair trading practices, insider trading, wild speculation, price manipulation, price rigging, and stock misinformation, ... whether those practised by SCMM insiders themselves or by anyone else outside the Company. This is consider "white collar" crime. American SEC has strict laws to make sure this kind of "wild rides" is severely punished.

      Here's the copy of my email to the Neuer Markt in hope of the Regulators in Germany will prosecute Mr. Prior and SCMM Insiders who evidently leaked out Insider Info & Engaged in Illegal Activities.

      Friday, February 27, 1998

      Dear Frankfurt New Market Regulators:

      I am writing this letter in the hope of reaching some one in the
      Department of Neuer-Markt Trade Regulation who is responsible for Fair
      Trading Regulations. I am also writing this letter to formally protest
      possible price manipulation & insider trading on SCMM (NASDAQ), and SMY

      Recently, we as investors in the U.S. are very concerned about possible
      price manipulation of SCM Microsystems at the New Market Exchange in
      Frankfurt. At NASDAQ, the company sticker is "SCMM", whereas at
      Frankfurt, the ticker is "SMY".

      We believe Mr. Prior, the "analyst" who is the author/editor of the
      "Prior B�rse" Stock Newsletter and his regular TV program the "3SAT
      Boerse" that is broadcasted every Friday, is deliberately manipulating
      the price of SCM Microsystems in front of the German public. As the
      result, we think SCMM (SMY) is extremely OVERPRICED, and is not

      We are sincerely requesting the great New Market to investigate the
      illegal price hyping, manipulation, rigging, insider trading, and other
      illegal activities by Mr. Edger Prior and SCM Microsystem Executives. We
      believe SCM Microsystem also has a Headquarter office in Germany,
      according to its prospectus.

      We firmly believe Mr. Prior takes advantage of insider confidential
      information, and those who are unexperienced investors in Germany to
      hype up SMY to unrealistic proportions. Normally, SCMM should be priced
      at the level where its P/E is 60 at its best in its sector and industry
      (lowest 12, highest 58). However, because of price manipulation, insider
      trading, unfair speculation, and volative practices by Mr. Prior, SCMM
      is priced around $57!. At this price, its Price-to-Earning Ratio (P/E)
      is 400. THIS IS EXTREMELY OVERPRICED for a small company whose earning
      was a big disappointment, and whose earning actually shrinks next
      quarter by 33%.

      ... and 2 more pages to come after this.

    • ... second part of the email:

      The unfair game is: We in the U.S. are allowed to short-sell SCMM,
      whereas in Germany, short-sell is prohibited, as we learned. So,
      short-sellers are being unfairly taken advantage of in Germany, where we
      have no visibility, and no access to Mr. Prior's announcement, and no
      access to insider information that Mr. Prior has. We therefore are faced
      with enormous equity losses. For example, today ... when Mr. Prior went
      on his TV program to wildly speculate the SCMM (SMY) price in front of
      the German public, SCMM suddently rose by 20% during the last 5 minutes
      before NASDAQ closed. This occurred without any news from SCM
      Microsystems. This was a very abnormal behavior of a NASDAQ stock. This
      occurs every Friday when Mr. Prior does his TV speculation for the last
      6 weeks. Insider information are strictly prohibited in the US, without
      a formal company press release from SCM Microsystem itself. Here's a
      clip of an email from someone in Germany watching his program ... "Ten
      minutes ago Mr Prior recommended SCMM with a price target of $ 85 in the
      next six month. He spoke about the company to acquire a south east asian
      company." Then the price shot up from $51 to $57.50 in 5 minutes as soon
      as he announced.

      We have requested the NASDAQ SECURITY EXCHANGE REGULATION to investigate
      and prosecute those who are unfairly manipulating, inside trading, and
      wildly speculating on SCMM. NASDAQ officials simply replied, "We have no
      jurisdiction over trades on foreign countries". But SCMM is traded both
      on New Market and NASDAQ. We contacted the following persons in
      Washington, DC:

      The NASDAQ Market Regulations Office in Washington, DC:

      1. Mr. James Bohlin, Assistant Director to Mkt Regulations
      Tel. 301.590.6789

      2. Mr. Matthew Comley, NASDAQ Volative Practice Analyst
      Tel: 301.208.2804.

      We could not understand the trade trends on SCMM:

      1. SCMM is traded at $57 to give Price/Earning=407, which is about 10
      times its norm in
      the same sector/industry?

    • ... 3rd & final part of email to Neuer Markt Regulator:

      2. SCMM announced they already filed to sell 3 million shares.
      Usually, this type of announcement would drastically drops its price
      because of price dilution ... but SMY at New Market keeps going up
      because of Prior Manipulation & Inside Trading.

      3. SCMM's Last Quarter earning was A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT? Discounting
      the interest from their IPO money, which is around 1.4M$, they ONLY HAD
      $0.05/share on PRODUCT SELLING. Expected EPS was $0.09. This
      announcement would have dropped SCMM price immediately in normal
      circumstances on NASDAQ ... but SMY at New Market keeps rising sharply
      because of Mr. Prior's Inside Trading, and Price Manipulation.

      4. SCMM's this quarter EPS is expected to be $0.06, vs. last Quarter
      EPS=$0.09. This shows an earning shrink of 33%. Normally, this shrink in
      earning would DROP the price tremendously. However, SCMM shows strong
      rises (5% ~10% per day at the New Market) without good news. Mr. Prior
      continues to manipulate the German public to pour in money. The Germans
      can lose all their savings should the bubble bursted soon.

      5. SCMM's products are propriety, and DO NOT HAVE A STANDARD. So, no
      one is sure whether SCMM products will be adopted because of lack of
      standard. Robert Schneider, chairman and managing director, said,
      ``There were major advances in Europe related to digital TV common
      interface technology, especially in the U.K. market. SCM Microsystems is
      involved in the relevant work groups to rapidly define digital standards
      for these markets. Digital TV deployments in the U.K. are planned as
      early as the second half of this year.'' Therefore, standard is not
      finalized yet.

      On behalf of all investors and all those interested in fair & clean
      trading, we are sincerely requesting New Market Regulator to investigate
      inappropriate behavior on SMY by Mr. Prior or anyone else. We strongly
      believe the New Market with more and more companies to come will enjoy
      stronger and stronger participation of International companies.

      Thank you very much.

      Sincerely & kind regards,

    • You did a very good job. I will call SEC and NASDAQ tomorrow.Again it will not help me because my position will be covered at the requist of my brokerage co( shares no longer available). Not big loss for me.But we have to fight scumbags.Good luck to you all.

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