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  • dhrosier dhrosier Feb 27, 1998 4:08 PM Flag


    I am tempted to ask the 3 Bulls and all of their aliases how tight do their shorts fit, but I won't.

    The only reason I have posted here is to try to point out the gross exaggeration (alright, spelling?) of many of the posts and the (in my fiew) senseless risks on such a volatile stock. And there are only 10 million shares o/s!

    Whenever someone buys something like this they should NEVER do it with something they do not have! Whether that is stocks borrowed or money borrowed. I would love to do some kind of a butterfly straddle on the stock at this point but that is not possible.

    I do not like to kick a man when he is down, unless he really, really earned it of course, but the alarmism that some posters attempted to inject into what should be thoughtful discourse for the benefit of all interested enough to read it is one of the most distastful activities I have seen on the web. I consider it the financial and intellectual equivalent of the worst of the pornography I have seen.

    I do not wish you ill, but I do hope the education is permanent and that everyone makes a maximum effort to assure their participation on every message thread they visit constructive, and only constructive.

    No, I have no idea whether SCMM will hit $100 before it sees $25 again, or vice versa.

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    • ... not feeling well. scmm has not been very "constructive".

    • i enjoyed your comment. the hype and rantings are part of the thread,alomg with the constuctive adice and info. i think you should enjoy the first two and take with a grain of salt the second two. i guess i am used to the daytime talk show mentality of some of the threads. all the best to everyone[except prior]

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      • I have 3 children. Daughter graduates Rice in May. Son 19 is 2nd year at Tech. Youngest got early acceptance at UGa for the
        Fall. It seems Jerry Springer is the afternoon delight of choice among all of them and their friends. I shudder at what "polite
        society" may come to. The public seems to be stampeding towards accepting deceit and moral degeneracy on the part of the person who
        holds the office of the President of the USA; worse, pursuit of the libido so reckless that it endangers the respect and
        credibility of that office.

        Not to pick on him, but as a for instance, I do enjoy some of Eddie Murphy's comedy work and his movies, but I would really
        not like to see it interjected into a forum where I am trying to concentrate on things that are hard enough to digest and
        project to the future without the distractions. No arguement with your obsevation, but we do live in a society where poor taste and
        ignorance are being made virtues, and too many people are being deceived into chasing after imaginary tragedies while real ones are

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