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  • dhrosier dhrosier Mar 5, 1998 3:06 PM Flag

    How Many shares are in "Short Positions"

    In general I agree that shorts often help the longs, especially if a short squeeze develops, which we might be getting ready to see on SCMM. If the shorts destroy the credibility of a stock then their predictions become self fulfilling, which is one of 3 possible (logical) explanations as to why the 3 "Bulls" are so exercised in their rantings, along with their allies and/or aliases.

    I do not quarrel with taking profits at this level, especially using covered shorts to protect profits. I would hate to see anyone easily swayed to take on the risk of going naked in their shorts under the delusion that because the share price has risen precipitously that it follows that it will correct sharply below current levels.

    The braying of the shorts started in the second half of January. Click the link below to see the price performance before and since then. On this chart you can see that volume has been a little above the level of the preceding months and somewhat consistent during the run up. Of course, this is (I believe) only NASDAQ trading and does not give any indication of machinations in the neuer market.

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