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  • dhrosier dhrosier Mar 10, 1998 5:15 PM Flag

    so far longs are ahead on points and dis

    It looks like there is price support at $82 much like there was at $47 in early February when I first came across this thread.

    The shorts have not improved their comments at all. If you really want people to sell the stock you have to tell us WHY? Simply demonstrating much YOU WANT them to sell is not going to cut it. Yesterday was the worst yet. In particular, post 737 stating a precipitous drop in the market in general
    ("Speculation runs rampant on NASDAQ. Tech stocks topping out. Major correction imminent. Dow 7900 first leg down.")
    was, in my view, nothing but fear mongering.

    Dow up $76 today, the NASDAQ $23, puts the lie to such blathering beyond discussion. There will be a correction some day. May be tomorrow maybe 5 years from now, but it was not today.

    The longs have not been much better, even though a lot more civil. If I should buy this stock tell me WHY? Do they have a
    proprietary technology and strong joint venture partners that are going to sell programs that involve annual royalties and/or product
    sales that simply dwarf their current value? Do they have a major German partner that the Germans know about that we do not. Read
    the Racom (RCOM) thread. The valuations between RCOM and SCMM are severely out of whack. RCOM's product is contactless smart
    cards which operate powered by the RF energy that is used to communicate with the card, that is they do not rely on a battery;
    they have a lock on the FRAM chip technology which makes that work (FRAM is a protected term by Ramtron, not sure if that is a
    copyright or what). At least some of the messages posted there are brilliant insights as to the strengths, and the LEGITIMATE
    concerns, facing investors.

    Shorts: High P/E ratios are meaningless in a start up company. The same is true for developing stage companies. Tell us why
    they are not going to sell 100 million units of their product 3 years from now. What are their lead products? If they are
    inferior, what makes them so? Are their products about to become obsolescent? If you really honestly believe the soaring stock
    valuation is due to fraudulent hype then perhaps you want to insist SCMM has no products or that those described are nothing more than
    pipe dreams. If management are all scoundrels give us the documentation, you know, dates, prisons, parole terms, etc.

    Sorry for the long post but this thread is aggravating because there is obviously a major event developing here, even bigger than the apparent lawn sales about to take place in various locations as a result of bankruptcy proceedings. But even with over 700 messages posted there is not enough USEFUL, MEANINGFUL information here to even think about it seriously, much less decide which side to join.

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    • thx for your hind, I will ring him up.... he�s telling absolute bullshit!!! I�m a market professional in Germany, an
      officially registrated and appointed specialist at stock excanges in frankfurt, d�sseldorf, berlin and stuttgart and I guarantee that
      it is NOT ILLEGAL to short stocks!!!!! neither as a professional nor as a private investor... there r only some rules u have to
      follow and the main problem is, that your bank as the depositary bank has to agree in the trade. The bank, which sells stocks for u
      has to deliver the shares to the buyer, so the seller has to borrow the shares from a stock lender as deutsche bank or other
      bigplayers in german markets....
      regards... in any case of further questions contact

    • Please read the folowing at
      target=new >

      This clearly states that it would be illeagal to short in Germany.
      If the guy is telling nonsense can you please give him a ring on
      his mobile phone and kick his ass.

      >Eine Anlagem�glichkeit, die in den USA seit Jahrzehnten etabliert ist, ist nach deutschen
      Aktienrecht bisher aber unm�glich.
      >In Deutschland werden Leerverk�ufe auf absehbare Zeit weiterhin verboten bleiben, d.h.
      >Anleger, die diese M�glichkeit der Anlage f�r sich ausnutzen wollen, m�ssen auch weiterhin auf
      >dem amerikanischen Markt zur�ckgreifen.
      >Andr� Kolbinger
      >0172 368 698 0

    • see a.m. message

    • of course germans can shorten stocks!!!! it is real bullshit what u tell here!!!! u only have to assure the delivery of stocks so u must use a stock lenders help... and I know some lenders,like deutsche morgan grenfell(see reuters slda ff. ) or trinkaus and burkhart in d�sseldorf.... and they also give their SCMM away... but they want to have a huge interest at the moment... up to 4 percent.....due to the immens volatility of the stock....

    • ...unless they use a US broker and short in the States.
      Maybe the Germans are too old-fashioned and still believe that you can't sell what you haven't got. (but they do it in business every day, but there it is called sales talk (aka bullshitting) I think ;-)

    • Is this true? Can anyone confirm? This is an important piece of information for stocks offered on US markets as well as Neuer.

    • It's really not such a big mystery why a lot of the
      short positions have been called back.
      Given the amount buying in Germany we can only assume
      that a large number of the available shares have been
      transfered there. Since the germans can not short(I think)
      these shares are no longer available for shorting. When the
      new shares hit the market shares should be available again.

    • Hey I know a little bit about fiberoptics & coax biz.

      Fiber modules/ICs/cables will be used heavily in SDH/SONET from 155.52Mb/s, 622.08Mb/s and above. Excellent technology. Now, WDM is playing more and more important roles.

      Coax is only for PDH equipment up to 139Mb/s (E4) rate. Coax is great because of "perceptional" lower cost for short links. At speed of 139Mb/s, you can go up to 120m with 75ohm RG59U type.

      For MDSL/HDSLII/ G.LITE however for higher speed Internet access (e.g. 0.5Mb/s upto 1.5Mb/s), the media shall be UTP 24gauge. This is an old tech ... but will even propel even further when high-speed Internet access biz takes off. Standardization is still pending for all of the above, with most active one with G.Lite ... as the reduced ADSL.

      As for market growth, I would bet on fiber & its related businesses. Dataquest, KMI and Electronicast analysts are very bullish on these.

    • Cabot was the newsletter that pumped Presstek to the moon. It hit 200 and as Cabot issued their last STRONG BUY they were were dumping their own holdings into the lap of their pathetic readership. SEC investigated and CABOT came under criminal investigation. They were spanked heavily. Presstek fell from 200 to 50, now 25 post split.

      As for fiber optics, I'm a fan too AFCI especially but I'm actually hedging my bets an dputting more into the cable
      industry. ATHM is my largest holding currently and I bought in at 19. I will not sell this for 5 years at least. Friends who are with
      BBN/GTE internetworking (the biggest intenet backbone in the world, originators of the internet in 1968, they outfit all of AOL)
      have told me fiber optics/telephone lines are only a temporary solution. 5 years down the road it will all be through coaxial. I
      trust these engineering types, they know of what they speak.

    • Fiber optics is a bit like smart cards in that the technology is well established but no one knows what the market will be. The play in KIWT is a thing called Level 3. Refer to Qwest (QWST) for a parallel, and another rapid ascent.

      With respect to Prior and Cabot, please excuse my ignorance, so much to know and so little time. Is there something there I should know more about? URL or cite?

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