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  • Schwede2 Schwede2 Mar 11, 1998 4:40 AM Flag

    ZNET again....

    Sorry, but there is no message board for CyberNet�and since I started posting here I will stick to it unless something changes and YAHOO opens an own board for ZNET.

    ZNET up in Germany 18% after 1 1/2 hours of trading, currently at 35,, let`s see where we end up today.

    SCMM seems unstoppable..up again in Germany. When does it start to tumble ?

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    • PV announced yesterday in Germany that it would begin trading on
      the Neue Markt in Frankfurt on the 15th of April. The stock took off big in anticipation--I guess people don't want to miss the next transtech (it shot up 200% on the first day of trading, yesterday). Jump on the bandwagon before it is too late since these speculation fever won't last forever. There will be a correction once the euphoria wears off, but for now people just keep buying similar to SCMM. PV was up around 8 and there is still a month to go.


    • I just looked at Level II today and counted only a few MMs left. They are:

      HMQT - Hambrecht & Quist
      COWN - Cowen

      TSCO??? - I'm not sure if this is an MM or an ECN.

      Sorry I don't remember which ones drop out but I guarantee you there were 5 or 6 MMs on the LII board a few weeks ago. Now it looks like only 2 Houses are left. YIKES!!! This is either very good news for shorts or very BAD!!!! : )

    • I agree with ya. I'm currently short this stock at $84. Which way this stock goes will depend on how many shares H&Q and Cowen have. Is there anyway we can find out?

    • As far as I can tell the MMs have not dropped out with the exception of one. I checked FirstQuote's service and saw 5 active MMs bidding on the stock. There was a sixth but they have not posted a bid since 2/24. Now I could have read the data feed incorrectly but I do not think so.

      So, do not take everything you read at face value. Check your facts especially before getting worked up over something that does not appear to be true.

      By the way, FirstQuote has a pretty cool quoting service that carries a 15 day free trial. You can watch the MMs live as they trade stocks. Also contains other live feeds.

      You can find it at target=new >

    • ... answer would be appreciated.

    • Hi Schwede2,

      How can i access NM and follow it on a daily basis? Please reply. ThankQ!


    • I take the drop of MMs from this stock very seriously because they will not be allowed back in for another MONTH according
      to the rules of NASDAQ. If anything happens in this next month that sends the stock dwn, they will have missed out on a huge
      opportunity to make some cash. The fact that they dropped out has me worried as a short (though I'm not short now) because it means that
      the risk of staying in, short or long, outwieghed the risk of missing out on a move to the upside or downside. In general, I
      think this turn of events favors the longs if only because MMs don't trust the stock enough to stay in short. But if he worst
      should happen, such as a dip in the German markets, there will not be MMs there to support the stock and it will drop even more
      rapidly on the NAS. In short, less MMs make this a much more dangerous stock, as should be obvious.

    • Perhaps an uneducated postulate, but is it possible that the rapid rise in the stock price simply took some of the MMs out of their customer base? I simply do not know enough about that business to know if many MMs try to concentrate in stocks that trade in, for conversation, th $5 to $50 range and that when a stock exits that range they find their time better spent where they move the pasta?

    • Thanks for your reply, but what I'm really interested in
      knowing is why the NM is different from say the Berlin ex.
      or the Frankfurt, or hamburg ..... Since one can pick these
      wonder stocks up there why should being traded on the NM
      make any difference? Being traded there doesn't actually
      change the companies in any way.
      Sorry if i seem a little dense, but I just don't get it.

    • The "Neuer Markt" is the market segment for high growth companies at Deutsche B�rse AG.
      only fast-growing companies are authorized there

      Look at
      there�s also an english page available!

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