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  • Schwede2 Schwede2 Mar 11, 1998 4:40 AM Flag

    ZNET again....

    Sorry, but there is no message board for CyberNet�and since I started posting here I will stick to it unless something changes and YAHOO opens an own board for ZNET.

    ZNET up in Germany 18% after 1 1/2 hours of trading, currently at 35,, let`s see where we end up today.

    SCMM seems unstoppable..up again in Germany. When does it start to tumble ?

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    • PV announced yesterday in Germany that it would begin trading on
      the Neue Markt in Frankfurt on the 15th of April. The stock took off big in anticipation--I guess people don't want to miss the next transtech (it shot up 200% on the first day of trading, yesterday). Jump on the bandwagon before it is too late since these speculation fever won't last forever. There will be a correction once the euphoria wears off, but for now people just keep buying similar to SCMM. PV was up around 8 and there is still a month to go.


    • PV will be listed on April 15 on the Neuer Markt. Check it out--a block of over 300,000 just went through and barely moved the stock. I wonder if the euphoria will still be as great when the stock gets listed. Regardless there are huge blocks being bought and it must be connected with the Neuer Markt listing that was confirmed by the Motley Fool. Any comments.


    • Thanks for your reply, but what I'm really interested in
      knowing is why the NM is different from say the Berlin ex.
      or the Frankfurt, or hamburg ..... Since one can pick these
      wonder stocks up there why should being traded on the NM
      make any difference? Being traded there doesn't actually
      change the companies in any way.
      Sorry if i seem a little dense, but I just don't get it.

    • The "Neuer Markt" is the market segment for high growth companies at Deutsche B�rse AG.
      only fast-growing companies are authorized there

      Look at
      there�s also an english page available!

    • Bak_Phy,

      There was an article out recently that mentioned the Neuer Market is supposed to help Germany become the "wall street" of Europe, in competition with London.

      There were lots of threads earlier about "manipulation" on SCMM, most of which I dont believe. However, I could easily see big players with German loyalties "pumping UP" the Neuer to draw companies and investors away from London. Does anyone have any supporting or controverting info?

      Beyond that, the whole Neuer market seems inflated! Could this simply be a German phenomenon?

    • First of all, the Neuer Markt is in Frankfurt, it is a seperate market segment.
      It is simpler for a smaller company to get listed in the Neuer Markt than in the "old" one. Rules are simply a bit relaxed which allows small companies to obtain investment capital that would not be allowed "in" into the "old maket". (for details see the recommended link)
      Trading in companies in the NM generally is riskier business but companies there (may) have more growth potential due to innovative ways of doing business, cutting edge technology etc.

    • I hope some of you took advantage of my earlier post on THQI. I shorted at 26 and just covered at 23 1/2 for a great day's gain. Sometimes the writing is on the wall and the investor refuses to face it. Such was the case for those long THQI this morning, refusing to sell their shares when the stock bounced 2 points on a disastrous day.

    • Thanks for the links.

    • What better proof is there than the fact that 4 American MMs have dropped the stock in the last two weeks. When the MMs
      leave the ball game then you KNOW the game is rigged. If they can't win what makes you think you can? Let's face it, they knew
      they were being taken for a ride so the American MMs went home. Question to SCMM longs: when this stock starts dropping, do you
      expect an MM to be there to take your overvalued shares off your hands? They're disappearing like ghosts right now. How will you
      unload your shares?

    • what information do you have on MMs no longer trading SCMM and could you list their names please?

      And does anyone know when the new shares are going to be released?

      Action on stock has been rather dull today - forming a major top?

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