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  • jungfux jungfux Jun 8, 1998 1:08 PM Flag

    what's the message ...???

    hey guys,
    I'm form germany and I'm new on this
    please give me some information about SCMM and its way
    down. what happened to them ?
    We're very
    asthonished about this rather bad chart-trend because we knew
    SCMM as a very successful company with very good
    products (smart-card, security software e.g.) and that
    they will have a big future because of Microsoft's
    Windows 98.
    so what is the message or 'where is the
    beed' ...?
    many thanks in advance for all your
    serious reply
    jungfux 'fritz'

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    • Hey Convex69,

      what a beautiful name. Where
      are your fundamental
      reasons for such a shit.

      I believe that you are
      a great loser thinking on
      SCmm. :-)
      Don`t worry and don`t take this
      personally, ok.


      For all here on

      SCM or SCMM is a very strong buy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cover their positions. There are so many people
      short in this stock that we could soon get a nice short
      squeeze to - let's say - into the 70's or even 80's.
      Better cover now than later...


    • Big_bul4 and his sycophants have been so crazy in
      their posts that I would not trust them for a fart in a
      whirlwind. They have total anonymity and even with that they
      tell nothing of the size or duration of their shorts.
      In order to protect yourself you have to consider
      all possibilities. Note that if they really do have
      significant shorts, they are very foolish to risk such a
      total wipe out on a stock that moves so erratically.
      This is a round about way of saying that to rely on
      anything you read in their ranting posts is to place your
      trust in either a fool or a liar, or both.

    • I full-heartedly agree with ronna1's message.
      This board is drying out because of big_bull shit.
      This guy is insane and would need treatment. Actually,
      I was a regular visitor of this board, but for a
      while I am simply no longer interested. to read these

      Btw, it seems that big bull now has an
      additional 'idendity', read the message published by
      'convex69'. I bet that this is big bull.

    • Hey hey, watch it. Big Bull and I are long lost brothers. We are very close.

      I also get tired of those who try to hype it up.

      SCMM is very overvalued, to my opinion.

    • anyone see the CEO on Squakbox on CNBC this

      btw: Big Bull: please add value via news, facts or
      substantiated rumor (at least) or you are just a 'Big Bull
      sheeter'. Your views may not be far off the mark (after the
      next round of news drives the price back up to 70+ for
      a couple months, then the collapse perhaps,) but
      please hold off on the inane BS.

      Le' Grande K

    • Cut the crap! There are several of us who know
      who you are in person, and we are not impressed. We
      know why you are negative, and the reality is, it
      doesn't matter. Nothing you have or ever will say can
      change the price of this stock! It has great markets an
      potential, and the investor community agrees. You only upset
      those of us who look for real information when you try
      to hype it DOWN.

    • excellent post!
      hopefully a big step to a turn around
      on this board!


    • SCM Microsystems (SCMM): Stock jumped more than 3
      points on bargain hunting,
      as latest round of
      selling left stock trading 40% below its 52-wk high set
      last October...
      Despite retreat, SCMM is still up
      more than 130% year-to-date... However we are

      skeptical of the company's recovery prospects due to
      excessive valuations (relative to
      peers and market),
      increased competition and less-than-clear growth prospects
      in the
      smart card business segment... Another
      big concern is all the insider selling... CEO

      recently unloaded his remaining shares while COO cut his
      stake significantly as well...
      Several others also
      sold sizable blocks... Short-term momentum could carry
      stock as high
      as 60 area, but longer-term we expect
      stock to retest the low-40s, high 30s.
      Source: 6/10/98

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